Obama meets key Europe leaders amid worries over next United States president Trump

  • Obama meets key Europe leaders amid worries over next United States president Trump

Obama meets key Europe leaders amid worries over next United States president Trump

Obama: Changes effected through democratic process; emphasized that anyone in United States can now marry anyone he/she wants, overcoming prejudices; America welcomes immigrants; we believe in a free press, an independent judiciary, separation of powers, free elections, religious rights; smooth transition of power, especially if we don't like the result; cites major differences in beliefs with president-election; promises smooth transition, doesn't mention Trump by name. Despite fears in Greece about what a Trump presidency would mean, Tsipras said, "We should build bridges, not walls".

Though Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have spoken by phone to more than 30 heads of state since the election, Trump hasn't been heard from publically, save for one television interview and occasional tweets.

Obama closed by saying he was hopeful about the future of progress in the West: "I believe more strongly than ever that Dr. King was right when he said that, 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice'". Yet in today's world, looking to the recent past for answers to economic challenges probably won't work, he said.

During his campaign in July, Trump declared, "I want to keep North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, but I want them to pay".

Mr Obama spoke of the importance of free elections, "even if your candidate doesn't always win", and reiterated his pledge to work with Mr Trump's team in the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition of power.

President Barack Obama is now in the midst of his final foreign tour as head of state and yesterday, during his visit to Athens, anti-American violence broke out between protestors and riot police, according to The Telegraph. "And we Americans take pride in Michael Phelps, who set the new record this summer".

He is due to visit Angela Merkel, whom he has described as "probably my closest global partner these last eight years".

In his speech, Mr Obama delivered a staunch defence of his record as President, including healthcare and the easing of relations with Cuba.

This was accompanied by supportive statements regarding Britain's June 23 referendum vote to exit the European Union, with Trump declaring, "I think the European Union is going to break up. the people are fed up".

From Greece, Obama took a short flight to Germany, which has emerged as one of the strongest voices for preserving a unified, inclusive Europe.

But at the end of a two-day visit to Greece, he reassured his audience that USA democracy was bigger than any one person and as long as people maintained their basic faith in democracy, "our future will be OK".

There were also reports in the Russian media that Obama is preparing to demand that Greece close its ports to all Russian warships, amid escalating military tensions between the United States and Russia in the war in nearby Syria.

About 5,000 people attended the anti-establishment protest, police said.

Tsipras himself won elections past year on what critics say was a populist platform, though one on the left of the political spectrum. He pushed his formerly small radical left party onto the forefront by telling Greeks tired from six years of financial crisis and falling living standards that he would reject austerity measures imposed in return for the country's bailouts.

But after the near collapse of negotiations with Greece's creditors, Tsipras performed a political about-face: He signed up to a new bailout and more austerity to prevent his country from being forced out of the euro currency.

"The IMF has said that debt relief will be crucial to get Greece back to growth".