San Antonio police officer fatally shot while writing ticket

  • San Antonio police officer fatally shot while writing ticket

San Antonio police officer fatally shot while writing ticket

And St. Louis County officer Blake Snyder was fatally shot while responding to a disturbance call in October.

A Gladstone police officer was shot on Sunday evening. He didn't elaborate. Police said Bush's weapon was recovered from the scene.

Police departments in North Texas are changing the way officers respond to calls as a result of this weekend's attacks on police in San Antonio, Florida and Missouri. While we wait for our national leaders to condemn the 71 percent increase in the number of officers killed by gunfire this year, and a tamping down of any hateful rhetoric, we will continue to be resolute in doing our duties. One died while the other was shot twice in the face but was expected to survive.

Four hours later, the man is suspected of killing Marconi as Marconi sat in his patrol auto across from police headquarters writing a traffic ticket at 11:45 a.m. local time. It was the deadliest day for American law enforcement since September 11, 2001.

Race was a factor in the Dallas attack, but police have not said if race played a part in any of the attacks Sunday. In San Antonio, police say the suspect is black and the officer was white. The officer told police he heard at least two shots.

(CNN) - San Antonio Police announced Monday the arrest of a man suspected of targeting and killing a 50-year-old police officer.

McManus said earlier that he doesn't believe the suspect has any relationship to the motorist who was pulled over initially.

That's after the arrest Monday afternoon of a suspect in the Sunday night slaying of Detective Benjamin Marconi.

McManus says "anyone (in a police uniform) who happened along was the target".

McManus said the McKane was the man seen on surveillance video Sunday and is also suspected in the shooting of Marconi. Reyes said it was her way of honoring Marconi's 20 years of service on the force.

"This officer was driving down the road and was ambushed by an individual who pointed a gun at him from inside of his vehicle and shot out the police officer's window", Dotson said during a news conference.

"Fortunately, for the blessing of God, the officer's going to survive", he said.

Police said the suspect, whose name was not released, was wanted for violent crimes and likely feared being recognized.

Two other officers were shot during traffic stops in Sanibel, Florida and outside Kansas City.

On July 7, Micah Johnson shot and killed five law enforcement officers who had been working to keep the peace at a protest in downtown Dallas over the fatal police shootings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana. Ten days later, a man killed three officers in Baton Rouge, La.

And two officers from the Des Moines, Iowa area were shot and killed early this month in a pair of similar attacks while they sat in their patrol cars.