Son of Rep. John Conyers found safe in Houston

  • Son of Rep. John Conyers found safe in Houston

Son of Rep. John Conyers found safe in Houston

Carl Conyers, the 21-year-old son of Rep. Jonn Conyers (D-MI) has been reported missing since Wednesday night.

"We've notified the FBI", Conyers tells The Detroit News. Monica Conyers flew to Houston from Michigan Thursday afternoon to help with the search. Carl Conyers' last visible Facebook update was a video he made reviewing 2 Chainz's album "Hibachi for Lunch".

His girlfriend, Daisha Lewis, told KPRC in Houston, that when she went into Conyers' room on November 16, "It was a mess".

The congressman's son is well-known, well-respected and well-loved around campus, she said.

Conyers' roommate says Carl shaved off his beard before he went missing which he says was freakish.

The lawmaker is in Washington, but his wife Monica arrived in Houston Thursday and appealed to her son or anyone who may have been with him.

Lewis said the friends then went to Conyers' apartment where they found that his identification card, debit card and some clothing were gone, while his auto, phone, computer and other items were left behind.

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