College students to protest against Trump deportation plans

  • College students to protest against Trump deportation plans

College students to protest against Trump deportation plans

The students' English teachers told them that they'd be penalized if they skipped out on their class.

Some in the crowd shouted "My body my choice", giving voice to concerns about reverses on women's rights to abortion under Trump, who has vowed to put pro-life justices on the high court.

High school students across the country in fact have been staging walkouts against the election, in which Trump won 290 electoral votes compared to Clinton's 232.

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) - Police say a teen wearing a cap with a Donald Trump campaign slogan was beaten and kicked as hundreds of students staged a walk-out to protest Trump's election. Unrest and protest in major cities across the nation has continued.

The Trump supporters listened and held up signs. One sign read "Undocumented, and unafraid, Here to stay!" Bannon has been infamous for promoting white supremacy and has expressed Islamophobic, racist and sexist views through his website Breitbart News.

"My people are at risk like they've always been", another speaker said. "We are all on one team". He said he was offended by Trump's criticism of Latinos.

African-American students further challenged the audience to face the racist history of virtually all US presidencies.

Lucia McCurdy, from Wilson, said they weren't there to protest the democratic process, but that she and other protesters were out there because they didn't want to normalize hate. "We've been telling you about this all the time, this is not a shock to us". "Second, to prevent the University from having any collaboration whatsoever with the Donald Trump administration and a deportation force".

The protesters called out "Si, se puede" - Spanish for "Yes, we can" - and "The people united will never be divided". I love all people. "My hijab speaks louder than I can".

In an interview that aired Sunday night, Trump said Americans have nothing to fear about his presidency.

A protest organizer says activists were contacting counterparts in New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., and other cities in an effort to stop Trump from prevailing on his issues. "The terror of my community is real".

Hundreds of students gathered outside holding signs and chanting, "Not My President", "We reject the president-elect, "Donald Trump is not okay" and "No Trump, no KKK, no racist U.S.". "We're the majority - and we're no longer going to be treated like second-class citizens".