South Korean president to face prosecutors in political scandal probe

  • South Korean president to face prosecutors in political scandal probe

South Korean president to face prosecutors in political scandal probe

Speaking in the wake of the largely peaceful demonstration, the president's spokesman Jung Youn-kuk admitted she is "considering all possible options" with more than a year left of her term.

Park embarrassed Korea on the global stage by having a senior Japanese correspondent prosecuted for reporting rumors that she spent that time with an old aide and Choi's ex-husband in a hotel in Seoul. Her apologies are meaningless. "Prosecutors allege that she extorted donations from some of South Korea's biggest companies for the non-profit foundations that she ran", the journalist detailed.

It would be the first time that a sitting South Korean president has been questioned by prosecutors.

"It's correct we're planning to question the president but the date is undecided", the official was quoted as saying.

Courts only accept the validity of evidence from testimony made during questioning if a person was informed of their Miranda rights.

The accusations include Park pressuring South Korean top conglomerates into giving tens of millions of dollars to foundations that Choi controlled.

Prosecutors suspect that the advertising company gave business favors to Choi's niece. Choi has been undergoing questioning since October 31 while being detained under a pretrial detention warrant.

Park conceded back on November 4 that she would be prepared to cooperate with investigators looking into a power abuse scandal that has rocked Seoul's presidential office.

Meanwhile, prosecutors summoned chiefs of key conglomerates, who are alleged to have closed-door meetings with President Park past year, over the weekend. But it is likely that it will take place by the close of Wednesday.

The investigators will also probe claims that the president's former aides leaked presidential documents, including confidential information, to Ms Choi and her associates.The investigation will be carried out by a team of more than 60 prosecutors and investigators, which will have up to four months to complete its work.

Prosecutors are also investigating Choi, who has been detained since October 31.

Jeong Ho-seong, the third doorknob, is being detained while undergoing questioning on his part in helping Choi pull strings from behind the scenes.

Protesters also marched in front of the palace gate and near the Blue House, the mountainside presidential office and residence, carrying candles, blowing horns, banging drums and chanting: "Park Geun Hye, resign!"

On Monday, the ruling and two opposition parties agreed to appoint a special prosecutor to take over the investigation.

Kim was among a growing number of Saenuri members who have called for her to step down, sensing their leader has become a threat to the party's political survival.