Greeks prepare security measures ahead of Obama visit

Drawing a broad lesson from the election of Donald Trump, President Barack Obama said Tuesday that world leaders need to pay attention to people's very real fears of economic dislocation and inequality in the midst of globalization.

"In my conversation with the president-elect, he expressed a great interest in maintaining our core strategic relationships", Obama said in a news conference before departing Washington Monday.

The president has begun a week-long tour of Greece, Germany and Peru, his last foreign trip while in office, and he faces a string of foreign leaders demanding to know how a man he once promised would never be president is now poised to lead the free world.

He used the European experiment as an example, even as he engaged in a mission to try to reassure European leaders that Trump's election would not alter the United States commitment to economic and political cooperation.

Obama's final global swing will also bring him to Germany and Peru, where questions about President-elect Trump are set to dominate his conversations with foreign counterparts.

"Globalisation combined with technology, combined with social media and constant information, has disrupted people's lives" in both concrete and psychological ways, Mr Obama said at a news conference on Tuesday in Athens with Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras. The U.S. leader will also attend a state dinner Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, the US President is expected to visit the Acropolis and deliver a speech at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre before leaving Greece to continue his current Europe tour. Athens is hoping Obama will help persuade its worldwide creditors to restructure its debt, the euro zone's biggest.

President Barack Obama is abroad this week for the final trip overseas of his Presidency, marking the occasion with a stop in Greece to acknowledge U.S.

The Obama administration was eager to prevent Greece's exit from the eurozone during the tense negotiations in 2015 that brought Greece close to the brink of financial meltdown.

Obama says he considered it important to visit the birthplace of democracy. In his sparse references to Greece before being elected, Mr. Trump has said the eurozone debt crisis isn't the U.S.'s problem and that European countries need to sort out Greece themselves. "And that's what it must continue to be", Mr Obama said.

On the agenda are numerous economic and social issues roiling Europe - many of which are felt most acutely in Greece.

The US president also referred to the ongoing refugee crisis, praising the Greek peoples' compassion. The pair are also likely to discuss the ongoing refugee crisis, which has resulted in massive waves of migrants fleeing Syria's civil war arriving on Greece's shores. Over 60,000 people are stranded in Greece after their onwards journey into Europe was sealed off this year as borders were shut in the Balkans. Migrants from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa continue to attempt unsafe sea crossings to Europe.

Anarchist and leftist groups are planning protest marches during the visit, while an armed anarchist group has called for "attacks and clashes".