Trump set to lay out his first 100 days agenda

While Democrat Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has attacked Trump's "rigging" claim as his latest and most offensive gaffe, election-watchers worry more deeply about its implications. He said he reserves the right to legally challenge questionable results, but that he would accept them if they were clear. "We know what's going on: He's losing". "We are so fortunate to have that here and Donald Trump's unwillingness to just acknowledge that basic thing that I'm going to accept the outcome of the election is very, very troubling", Kaine said, also touching on Trump's attitudes toward Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin.

Kaine said Trump's statement that he might not accept the results of the November election was unacceptable.

If Clinton becomes president, Kaine said, "there are some Donald Trump supporters that would be very hard for us to win (over)".

Kaine made the remarks on the first day of North Carolina's early voting period, and prefaced them by attacking the state legislature's passage of a voter ID bill that was struck down by federal courts after a lawsuit found evidence that its advocates wanted to suppress the black vote.

Early voting began Thursday in North Carolina and runs through November 5. Diving right into the importance of Pennsylvania for the Clinton campaign, Kaine asked the crowd about Pennsylvania's nickname and said the Keystone State is "key" to the election.

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"When Trump talks about crime in African American communities and us not having jobs, he comes off as negative, period", said Jennette, 19.

Another early comer was Lucas Vigil, an astrophysics sophomore at Penn State, who attended the campaign rally in Miami when Hillary Clinton announced Kaine as her running mate.

"I don't want it to be one of those things where you just mention education just to get the young college student's vote", Brown said. We plan to stream both events within this story.

But Trump, he said, has said climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Clinton and Kaine will also appear together in Pittsburgh.

But Trump's focus "is tax cuts for the wealthiest".

"Donald Trump can not look a woman in the eye and see an equal. He can look at a woman and see a half-person and half-object". Young voters are strong for LGBT equality. "College should be debt free".

Amy Castle, 21, said it was not hard to switch her support after the primary. "You can beat me in Scrabble, you can beat me in sports trivia, but do not run an election against me", he said to cheers. "I was having a hard time deciding between her and Bernie anyway". "I may vote for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate".

Brandon Hanke, 20, a women's studies major, also voted for Sanders, but said he has "no animosity for her. I'm not going to let you get away with that", Kaine said.

Kaine still remains somewhat of an outsider in Clinton's world.

"I just feel like she'd be able to handle the foreign affairs much more effectively", Devany said.

Gallagher said he was a "committed democratic socialist" like Sanders and supports boosts to the minimum wage and more unionization.

Makenzee Giger told us before the rally that she was undecided between Stein and Clinton and was using the speech to help her choose. "And that is important".