Classes resume at San Francisco schools where 4 teens shot

4 June Jordan School for Equity students injured from shooting.

The girl was reported to have life-threatening injuries.

Four male suspects wearing dark hoodies and jeans were seen running away from the area, Manfredi said.

The San Francisco Unified School District said in a statement that a fourth person was also wounded but could not provide any further information on the victim.

Upon arrival, police found three students - two males and a female all 15 years old - had been wounded in a shooting.

Four teenage students were shot in their high school parking lot in San Francisco, and one of the students is in critical condition. Because these students are minors the details of their treatment can not be disclosed according to Brent Andrews of San Francisco General Hospital. Authorities weren't aware whether the suspects were students, and no one has been taken into custody.

"This was an isolated incident outside of the school building where one student was being targeted by outsiders."

"At first, I didn't believe they were gun shots". Some of the kids thought it was merely a prank, while others hid under desks or ran into the nearest classroom.

- San Francisco police are responding to a shooting at Brazil & La Grande Avenue in the city's Excelsior District Tuesday Afternoon.

Classes were in session Wednesday at the school, and counselors were available for students affected by the incident. Police have not publicly stated whether or not they know the identities of the suspects. Anyone with information should call the San Francisco Police Department or 911 immediately. So far, the motive is unclear. The story is ongoing.