Sony to bring a half dozen PlayStation games to mobile next year

  • Sony to bring a half dozen PlayStation games to mobile next year

Sony to bring a half dozen PlayStation games to mobile next year

It appears as if Sony is interested in joining the mobile video game market as the company plans to release titles for iOS and Android in the near future. Pokemon Go managed to be a huge success, so Sony has the potential release something big too. Although the hype of the game died down over time and seeing maturity now, but the point here is: if you're not on mobile, you're missing out big. The titles will be available for both Apple iOS and Alphabet's Google Android mobile operating systems. According to reports, the popular smartphone manufacturer is planning to launch at least five games meant for smartphones by the end of March 2018. These new games are going to be roll out first in Asia regions and Japan. There has been no indication that they will be released in the United States and Europe.

If these are really carried out by Sony, players will be drawn towards mobile games now associated with consoles. If it does link with Sony's console brand, it'll be able to work with the estimated 40m PlayStation 4's now in the wild.

Sony has yet to confirm what PlayStation titles we might be able to expect, but we're guessing that they will probably be choosing some of their more signature and memorable games if they're looking for a strong start.

The new games will target Japan and other Asian markets including India. Sony had to react. "People are consuming smartphone games like there is no tomorrow", said Serkan Toto, CEO of Japanese gaming consultant and advisory group Kantan Games, in a telephone interview with CNBC.

We'll have to wait and see if Sony launches these new games for smartphones. Consider this information as the pinch of salt, as there is no official confirmation from Sony regarding the release of smartphone games in 2018.

The move to dedicated smartphone games comes after years of Sony's "PlayStation minis" program, which brought bite-sized games to the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.