Give $10M to NJ Transit for train safety

  • Give $10M to NJ Transit for train safety

Give $10M to NJ Transit for train safety

It is the third major commuter railroad to face a federal safety investigation in the past four years, following inquiries into Metro-North's spate of major accidents in 2013 and three potentially catastrophic safety violations within a week in 2014 on Metra.

Just prior to the collision, the event recorder indicated that the throttle position went from #4 to idle.

Another incident, the collision of two New Jersey Transit buses at a Newark intersection on August 19, killed one of the drivers and a passenger and injured more than a dozen others. What he told officials he does remember: He felt well-rested when he checked in for duty at 6:46 a.m. that morning; he checked the brakes before departing, and everything checked out. The train's engineer hit the emergency brake less than a second before impact.

Additionally, NTSB formed seven technical groups that include operations, human performance, survival factors, signal systems, track and engineering, mechanical/equipment, event/video data recorders, to gather information and evidence for the investigation. The engineer also told investigators that the cab alerter - a device or system installed in the locomotive that will stop the train if the engineer failed to respond to a series of tasks - was working at the time of the crash. The train was running normally as it approached the terminal, he says.

He arrived on track 5, which was the normal arrival track for the 1614 train at Hoboken. He also said he didn't notice anything unusual about the train's speed while heading into the station - though, he added that he was distracted because the train was so overcrowded.

Monday's schedule will be available online after 10 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15, NJ Transit officials said. He stated that when he checked the speedometer, he was operating at 10 miles per hour upon entering the terminal track.

Assemblyman John McKeon, a Democrat from West Orange who would lead the judiciary panel inquiry, said a review of testimony and documents would lead to "meaningful reform" for an agency that has raised fares five times since 2002 while bus and rail passengers complain about crowds, poorly maintained stations and slipping service. In the past, they've touted safety as their top priority. Conversely, accident damage to the cab car's air brake system was minor and was repaired for testing. The NTSB needs to do additional tests to rule out the possibility of a mechanical malfunction, though it hasn't said what those tests will entail.