Wisconsin voters have better impression of Pence than Kaine

This is Pence's third North Carolina campaign stop in three days. "I find myself and Donald Trump finds himself thinking mostly about America". I choose a more prosperous America. He stressed why he believes Hillary Clinton is unqualified to lead, but also that he stands strongly behind donald trump to be the next commander in chief. "I choose an America that respects our constitution, and our highest ideals", says Pence. They are once-ostensibly-serious people in the GOP who, having climbed aboard the Trump Train, find themselves making ridiculous excuses for the outlandish and offensive behavior that would have forced any other candidate out of a presidential race a hundred times over by now.

A Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday shows 37 percent of registered voters have a positive view of Pence, while 26 percent have a positive opinion of Kaine.

Pence said Trump will cut taxes for working families, small businesses and family farms and will lower business taxes.

In an interview with NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell, Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence hit on a number of subjects, such as his relationship with House Speaker Paul Ryan and whether or not he thinks his running mate is a good man. I served with him for many years in congress. "Men and women that doesn't sound like politics, that sounds like obstruction and the American people are sick and exhausted of it".