Google starts big advertising push around new Pixel phone

In relation to Google's recently launched Pixel smartphone, industry analysts say there are many factors that can potentially hurt Google's relationship with manufacturers that now rely on the software.

Even though Verizon promises that all software updates to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will come at the same time as the unlocked versions, history shows that the existence of any middleman between Google and Android users has always resulted in delayed software updates. While this marks Google's first standalone physical venue, the company has played around with showroom-style installations and store-within-a-store shops.

Google starts big advertising push around new Pixel phone was posted in Sci-Tech of TheNews International - on October 08, 2016 and was last updated on October 08, 2016.

Google will still distribute system updates for all unlocked devices, but this won't be the case with units with Verizon-locked bootloaders. They're fully compatible with Verizon's network and might save you some headaches down the line, when new updates hit the scene. According to Google, these phones will be supported for at least 2 years after their launch in terms of software updates and for at least 3 years for the necessary security updates. Iif you want to be absolutely certain you'll keep current with Android, just buy the thing from Google.

But most people buy smartphones from carrier stores, and Google knows that.

Unlike Samsung and Apple devices that you will find on nearly any carrier in the USA, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are only available through Verizon Wireless.

One of the key additions to the new phones is the Google Assistant, which migrates from Allo to the entire phone. "Most of Google's justifications for the exclusive are corporate-speak drivel that falsely implies that only Verizon could bring the device to its full potential".

Reason number two for not buying the Verizon Pixels: Software updates. I'm predicting that the announced benchmarks pitting the iPhone 7 against the new Google Pixel are going to cause a squall. You can get the same financing options, and the bootloader comes unlocked to use on any carrier.