School district, city warn of creepy clowns in Renton

  • School district, city warn of creepy clowns in Renton

School district, city warn of creepy clowns in Renton

As Halloween inches closer, the disturbing trend is reaching Southern Arizona.

Police said despite Wednesday's commotion the threats are all unfounded.

Whether or not the clowns are truly threatening, or just a freaky social media trend, remains to be seen.

A majority of the sightings turned out to be either rumors or hoaxes, leading to 12 arrests, according to the New York Times.

Obviously, if a clown is observed in an area where one would not normally see one, it should be reported and will be investigated by the police department. In three separate instances, the group went up to pedestrians and attempted to "scare" them, according to a sheriff's news release.

Some states have laws against wearing a mask in public, but in Arizona, no such law exists. Police told Dallas-Fort Worth television station KDFW that the student put herself on the list and told authorities she was only trying to stop any "real" clowns from attacking her school.

State police advise residents to "remain vigilant" and report any suspicious activity to local police.

Another one said, "It's open season on clowns".

Gags the Green Bay Clown
Gags the Green Bay Clown was a marketing campaign

He said he chose the name to be his persona years ago.

CT state police said the "killer clown" situation is a "waste of valuable resources and can lead to injuries to both first responders and members of the public", the Chicago Tribune reported Thursday.

The image accompanying the "Kroacky Klown" Facebook profile. Police want parents to reassure their children that there are no clowns lurking in the shadows to snatch them up.

Craig said there won't be any random stopping or arresting of people in clown suits. "It is also important that these matters be kept in context, and we should all be aware that the increased attention given many things that happen in our society are often inflamed by the widespread dependence on social media as a means of discussing issues".

There is a flier circulating social media about an upcoming peace walk called "Clown Lives Matter" in Tucson.

The district has since interviewed all participants, and determined the clown sighting at Feist Park was a hoax and these individuals do not pose any threat to the campus.

It's happening Saturday Oct. 15 on Fourth Avenue, and will start in the Maloney's parking lot at 6:30 p.m.