Russia suspends cooperative nuclear research deal with US

  • Russia suspends cooperative nuclear research deal with US

Russia suspends cooperative nuclear research deal with US

Several images are from northern Aleppo neighborhoods, where government forces have advanced against rebel fighters who are battling back.

On September 22, the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad announced a major assault to capture the opposition-held half.

"With our analysis, we determined that it was an airstrike", Bromley said.

Toner said Kerry would be "remiss" not to raise concerns with Russia about what is happening in Aleppo, where Syrian forces backed by Russian air power are conducting air raids on rebel-held parts of the city.

Syria's military said it will reduce airstrikes and artillery fire on rebel-controlled areas in the eastern districts of Aleppo to allow civilians to evacuate safely.

It was not immediately clear what was behind the move, or if Russian air strikes would also be reduced.

The attack came days after a US-led coalition strike in the eastern city of Deir al-Zour, which killed at least 62 Syrian government soldiers.

The release coincides with a stepped-up offensive by Syrian pro-government forces that are attacking the city from the south in a bid to penetrate its opposition-controlled areas, where the United Nations estimates 275,000 people are trapped in a government siege.

Aleppo Syria fighting bombing destruction
Russia suspends cooperative nuclear research deal with US

But the onslaught has come under fierce worldwide scrutiny amid accusations the joint air strikes were destroying the east's civilian infrastructure.

On Monday, Aleppo's M10 hospital was extensively bombed for the third time since the start of the war, destroying all its overground facilities (its underground facilities remained mostly intact; medical facilities in Syria have prepared themselves for aerial bombings by reducing their overground activity).

Russian Federation said this was a response to the U.S. regularly extending sanctions over Ukraine, including by restricting cooperation on nuclear energy. Relief aid is still badly needed in many parts of Syria but fighting has made it hard to deliver it.

Ayrault, who has accused Syria, backed by Russian Federation and Iran, of carrying out war crimes as part of an "all-out war" on its people, travels to Moscow on Thursday and Washington on Friday. Under the failed cease-fire effort, the USA promised to provide targeting information to Russian Federation and would increase military cooperation if there was a period of calm on the ground and delivery of humanitarian aid. Russian Federation and Syria denied bombing the convoy and Russian Federation claimed the damage was caused by a cargo fire.

He also added that Russian Federation was not going to enhance its presence in Syria with the help of strategic aviation, but Russian Federation could still provide military and technical assistance to the armed forces of the Syrian government.

"But the situation is a lot more complex", the foreign ministry spokeswoman added, pointing to the persistent danger of terrorists spread in Syria and difficulties in the peaceful resolution of the civil war in the country.

"Because of these internal contradictions, the United States was unable to fulfill its obligations under our agreements", Lavrov said at a meeting with Saad Hariri, leader of Al-Mustaqbal - Future Movement, a political party in Lebanon.