Poll shows majority in Philippines satisfied with Duterte

  • Poll shows majority in Philippines satisfied with Duterte

Poll shows majority in Philippines satisfied with Duterte

She finds that today's controversy stems from a "change in the consequences of rhetoric" that happen when a leader moves from being a localized figure, as Duterte was as a mayor and then presidential candidate, to being a president and an global figure. "I would rather go to Russian Federation and to China", he said.

The two countries have become more intertwined militarily in the last two years, holding more exercises and training, and making more US ship and aircraft visits under Obama's shift of USA military forces and diplomatic efforts toward Asia in the face of China's rise.

There has been no known official declaration by the US or European Union of a threat to withdraw assistance from the Philippines. The White House wound up canceling the meeting, anxious that "it was unlikely to be particularly constructive".

"Instead of helping us, the first to criticize is this (U.S.) State Department, so you can go to hell, Mr. Obama, you can go to hell", Duterte said.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is continuing with his series of tirades against the U.S. and his statements are injecting uncertainty into a longstanding strategic partnership between the two countries. "I would rather go to Russian Federation and to China". Speaking by video link to an anniversary news conference in Berlin, he said the leaks include "significant material" on war, arms, oil, internet giant Google, the US election and mass surveillance.

"I will break up with America", he announced during a speech on Tuesday. He said he wanted them out of the volatile south, saying their presence has inflamed restiveness among minority Muslims, which could complicate efforts to forge a peace accord with Muslim insurgents.

"There is no filter for Duterte". "So the USA has to try to figure out - is this policy or is this just a rash statement?" But that risk of conflict was reduced if East Asian governments maintained a robust alliance with the USA, he added.

Earlier this week he said Obama could "go to hell" and said the latest round of joint military exercises with the USA would be the last.

President Rodrigo Duterte delivers a speech at the Davao worldwide airport terminal building early on September 30, 2016, shortly after arriving from an official visit to Vietnam.

"Although it may sound shit to you, but I do have to take care of my Republic and the health of its people".

But hey, at least Duterte didn't call Obama a "son of a b--".

It's not that shocking for many Filipinos today: Their president declared his zeal to kill by evoking the memory of one of the most notorious mass murderers in history. Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said today in a briefing that "we have shared values with the Philippines people" and that the "enduring relationship is important".

While the Obama administration maintains that its alliance with the Philippines remains "ironclad", a senior US diplomat cautioned Duterte last week against more anti-U.S. posturing.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that the US had not received any request from Duterte or another Philippine official to change bilateral cooperation. "I think it was quite clear that I think it was honest", Rosenberg said.

But what works at home doesn't necessarily work on the world stage, says Smith.

In that speech, the brash president said without elaborating that he has been "portrayed or pictured to be a cousin of Hitler" by his critics.

"Breaking away from the shackling dependency of the Philippines to effectively address both internal and external security threats has become imperative in putting an end to our nation's subservience to United States' interests", Yasay said in a Facebook post.

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"I mentioned the word Jewish and that was what was terribly wrong and for that I apologize", Duterte said, drawing an applause.

'Warm relationship' between PH, U.S.


"He wants the Philippines to be on equal footing with others whether they are big or not".