Paisley Park visitors will see Prince's studio and mementoes

Prince's handwritten notes and lyrics (including an unreleased song apparently titled "Stay Cool") remain inside the control room for the complex's recording studio where he was working on a jazz album that will be released in the future.

The Huffington Post reports that Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson was on Today with Al Roker touring Paisley Park in its latest incarnation as a museum.

Prince died of an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl at Paisley Park on April 21.

At the Depot, a Minneapolis bar attached to the club where much of Prince's famed "Purple Rain" movie was filmed, bartender Steve Beavers had been looking forward to entering the complex to learn if some of that folklore was true.

Yesterday, news broke that the museum's opening would be delayed from its original October 6 date, due to a vote by Minneapolis' City Council to delay the zoning request that would allow them to operate.

Prince's Paisley Park compound in Minnesota will open for fans as planned on Thursday (06Oct16) after local officials granted the estate a temporary tour permit. The Oscar that he won for music in the movie is displayed in that room, and the movie will play on one wall.

Prince kept almost all of his custom-made outfits - about 6,000 pieces of clothing and 1,000 pairs of shoes - and many are on display. Now, Prince fans who make the trek there can see Prince's custom-made clothing with "Prince" on the labels. But Frank Wheaton, an attorney for Prince's half brother, Alfred Jackson, told The Associated Press that artifacts on display will include Prince's ashes in an urn.

Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, gave viewers of US breakfast show Today a sneak peek at the estate during Wednesday's (05Oct16) broadcast, and admitted much of what visitors will see had actually been put in place by the hitmaker himself. "He had a vision and he finished it".

Prince had a pair of doves, and according to Prince's sister Tyka Nelson, those two doves stopped chirping and speaking after Prince died.

Asked if it had been tough for her and her relatives to prepare Paisley Park for public viewing, she said, "It actually wasn't hard at all because Prince had already planned, pre-planned, a lot of things, and so Paisley Park, you will see what it looked like when Prince was here". "Sometimes when you're a fan, you get to only to see them from a seat, but this way, you're nearly face-to-face with him".