Numbers are on Ronaldo's side in Ballon d'Or race

  • Numbers are on Ronaldo's side in Ballon d'Or race

Numbers are on Ronaldo's side in Ballon d'Or race

Even if Xavi had some problems with Ronaldo earlier, last month with the angry comments about legendary football star, he still believes that Ballon d’Or will be easily conquered by Cristiano’s talent. Make your bet on la Liga, and receive your big money! Considering all the trophies forward of Real Madrid has won already he definitely may have the advantage in the race of Ballon d’Or. At least, that is what ex- star of Barcelona thinks.

Xavi expects that Ronaldo will definitely become one of three finalists in this race, and probably will receive a new trophy after 2014 last victory. Was it really so shocking to see the triumph during this year’s Euro? We don’t think so. Last month Xavi said something really offensive for Ronaldo, at least we believe in that. He admitted that if you really love football by all your heart you must know that Messi is way better than Ronaldo.

These words made Cristiano very angry, and he answered to the Barcelona star, that at least he has his Ballon d’Or trophy. Well, it was very cruel to say, Ronaldo. The 31 years old star has three these awards. And Xavi believes that he has all chances to receive the new one. According to Xavi, Ronaldo will have to fight with a very strong rival if he wants to receive the victory in this race, and be the top football player again.

During his last interview in Amsterdam, Xavi has said that Cristiano has all chances to win this year’s race for Ballon d’Or. He has already won the Euro and Champions League, so his career is on the peak again. Admitting that, Xavi did not forget to mention Lionel Messi. He thinks that Ronaldo will have to compete against Messi, and it will be hard. Even though Barca was defeated with a shocking score 4-3 by Celta Vigo this Sunday, and left behind Madrid with two points difference, Xavi is very optimistic, and believes that there is no time for panic.

According to him, even though he did not have a chance to watch the game, it was rather many mistakes made by individuals, than by the team in total.