New York Times columnist: 'Feminism sort of died' under President Bill Clinton

Broaddrick, a former Arkansas nursing home administrator who worked on Bill Clinton's gubernatorial campaign and supports Donald Trump this year, said she'd made a decision to speak out about Hillary Clinton after the candidate tweeted last year that sexual abuse victims had a right to be believed.

Hillary Clinton was last in MI on August 11 when she delivered a speech on jobs and the economy in Warren.

The campaign activity follows a Friday rally that attracted thousands to Novi for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who spent an hour railing against Clinton and her ties to Wall Street and the controversies surrounding her using a private e-mail server and the ties between the Clinton Foundation and her time as Secretary of State.

She later told the Yahoo anchor that the women in Clinton's White House should not have been required to defend the then-president's actions in order to see pro-women policies advanced.

The paper also recounted a story about a rock groupie named Connie Hamzy who claimed Clinton propositioned her in a Little Rock hotel.

"It's not very often you get to hear a former president", Purdy said. They say Hillary Clinton's involvement in efforts to discredit and disparage women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment, assault and even rape make the scandals relevant to the presidential race. She had known him during law school, from her brief internship in a left-wing law firm in San Francisco, where he had worked for the Black Panthers and other prominent clients.

Clinton's indelible image as a staunch defender of her husband got launched during the 60 Minutes interview, where she sat with her husband as he acknowledged causing "pain" in their marriage. "I recommend you tell people why she should be".

'She believed we had to deal with the issue directly, ' said Kantor, without confirming Clinton's role in the hiring.

Asked during a June 1992 interview with late night talk show host Arsenio Hall what Flowers' "problem is", Clinton responded: "She's got lots of problems".

Former President Bill Clinton focused on ways his wife would improve higher education in America during his campaign stop for presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday in Saginaw. That was my job, not hers'.