Pence undergoes debate prep with Gov. Scott Walker

The Republican presidential nominee briefly addressed his first face-off with Democrat Hillary Clinton during a Tuesday afternoon appearance near Miami's Little Havana neighbourhood.

Elaine Quijano, a CBS News correspondent and anchor for CBS' 24-hour online news network CBSN, will moderate the debate. Reservations are requested at all of these local events. 1627 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. She picked a candidate who backed her 2008 rival, President Obama, and who had the experience to be president.

Unlike the first presidential debate in Hempstead, New York, the topics for Pence and Kaine will not be released ahead of time, so they'll have to think on their feet - literally. Tim Kaine (D) is serving in the U.S. Senate, but previously served one term as the governor of Virginia (2006-2010), the maximum allowed under that state's constitution.

He talks more about his running mate than about himself. But because cable TV is pretty much only used by people in Pence and Kaine's age group these days, various social media outlets are also ensuring TV-less, streaming millennials will have access to the show, too. "You put the kind of pressure on me that I like to really up my game for next Tuesday", Kaine said.

What is the debate's format?

Pence has taken a more traditional approach to debate prep than his ticket-mate Donald Trump, facing off with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in mock-debates. The candidates will each get two minutes to answer. It is the first and only vice presidential debate of the election. After being spoiled by the explosive performances of unpolished, populist hot mess Bernie Sanders, the charismatic and noticeably non-male Hillary Clinton, and the screaming, orange, racist raccoon that was Donald J. Trump, it's hard to find normal politicians interesting anymore.

Pence plans to spend the weekend getting ready at home in IN, where he'll also be relaxing with his family, his spokesman said.

And while both Pence and Kaine are downplaying the event at this point, don't be surprised if it's just an effort to lower expectations.