Blac Chyna Tweeted Out Rob Kardashian's Phone Number & Blamed It On "B*tches"

  • Blac Chyna Tweeted Out Rob Kardashian's Phone Number & Blamed It On

Blac Chyna Tweeted Out Rob Kardashian's Phone Number & Blamed It On "B*tches"

In retaliation to what he believed was a major diss, Kardashian tweeted out youngest sister Kylie Jenner's phone number earlier this week, writing that his family had "lost your damn minds". For example, on Thursday, Blac tweeted out Rob Kardashian's phone number in an effort to force him to change the number.

Twitter went wild last night after Chyna tweeted her fiancee and soon to be baby daddy's digits. But then Rob denied any such thing, and later posted a Snapchat video of the two of them in bed together.

"To ensure your man is not texting no b*tches, just tweet his number out", Chyna said in the snap. "How's that feel, Rob?".

Another source told the publication: "Rob and Chyna are not really broken up, but they are not in a good place right now".

Before you question anything, yes, it was his real number.

It didn't take very long for the number to get disconnected, but I assume Kylie Jenner got a RIDICULOUS amount of dick pics in the 10 minutes her cell number was open to the public. There's no keeping that phone number now!

Meanwhile, Rob insisted gossip suggesting he and Chyna had recently split was unfounded, insisting their relationship has been a "bumpy road, but a great road". "Filming makes Rob uncomfortable and he's still trying to get used to that lifestyle".

Off-set against a baggy t-shirt and scruffy beanie hat, the mother-to-be's dramatic jewellery certainly commanded attention thanks to its generous proportions and silver band.

"Feels good", Rob replied with a smile. She wanted to "assure" that her man is not texting other women.

The pair, who are expecting their first child together in November, are still said to be a couple but have made a decision to live apart for now after "fighting more", but since they have been in separate houses they are getting on better.

The Kardashians are famous for taking to social media accounts whenever anything significant happens in their life, which apparently is almost everything.

Blac Chyna shares Rob Kardashian's phone number on twitter, and explains the method behind her madness on Snapchat.