Donald Trump Resurfaces Attack Lines He Didn't Use in Debate

Those outside of the D.C. beltway felt otherwise. In a two-way match-up that excludes third-party candidates, Clinton still maintains her 7-point advantage. "Another problem - we know some campaigns/groups of supporters encourage people to vote in online polls and flood the results".

According to reports from 1998 Judge Maximiliano Fuenmayor said she threatened "to ruin my career as a judge and kill me". Reuters/Ipsos and the Morning Consult noted that Clinton did indeed have a surge...that falls well within the margin of error.

Trump again mocked Clinton's health Wednesday, saying "All those days off, and she can't even make it to her auto".

"Despite small shifts that have given Clinton a post-debate bump, the race is still very competitive and the outcome will hinge on where and among whom voter turnout is higher", Mason-Dixon said in a release announcing the poll numbers.

While, at this point, the movement in the polls created by Trump getting "beaten" at the first debate will likely seem rather small, in reality such a shift may end up being decisive.

With early voting for the US presidential election in November already underway in some states, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are ramping up their efforts to mobilize voters.

The map starts to look a lot safer for Clinton if she's up by 3 to 5 points instead.

But let's not forget the 20% who said they weren't sure which candidate could provoke an apocalyptic war. 27% said he was more favorable to Clinton and 2% said he favored Trump.

"An impeachment for lying", Trump said Thursday at a campaign rally in New Hampshire, referring to the effort to remove Bill Clinton from office for lying about his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. True! But Republicans tested the same type of attacks this year, and they still engender sympathy for Clinton among women to this day.

Narrowing the focus to likely voters who watched the debate, Clinton led Trump 44 per cent to 39 per cent.

While it is still a little early to know for sure (as if that has ever stopped anyone in the Internet age from drawing conclusions), the first post-debate polls are clearly trending in exactly the direction which basic rationality would have led you to expect.

Republican nominee for president Donald Trump told a fired-up crowd in Melbourne that he has the momentum for victory after what he said was a strong win in Monday's debate against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Conversely, Clinton earned 38 percent of the tweets. I was expecting Donald Trump to enter into a massive harangue against Hillary Clinton but he managed to stay much more composed than I thought.

Linda Venticinque of Viera said she loved hearing Trump speak. Are they heading into the sit this one out bunker? "And I think that's a good thing".

Clinton's debate also helped her bounce to leads in all five states, according to the poll.