Victor Oladipo Believes Anthem Protests Will Happen In NBA

  • Victor Oladipo Believes Anthem Protests Will Happen In NBA

Victor Oladipo Believes Anthem Protests Will Happen In NBA

"You can only control what you can control, and the most things you can control is yourself", Oladipo said.

While we have not seen this type of protest on the college level, there have been a couple of high school students in OH and MA that protested during the Anthem by taking a knee. He re-tweeted a picture of the protest and said he has gotten no negative feedback.

Those who can not or will not express appreciation equal to their freedoms and benefits should not be able to stay in America. But he doesn't join in.

Included in the "Top Ten" list are some of the most egregious allegations imaginable - all with a heavy spin expected of forces that would love to topple America.

The American flag stands for liberty.

Obama said that the football player was "exercising his constitutional right", noting that there has been a long history of sports figures making political statements.

"If someone doesn't stand for the pledge at one of our meetings, that person will probably be kicked out", Montoya said.

While Kaepernick is well within his rights to kneel during the National Anthem, it clearly could impact his future in the NFL.

The hymn is a staple of African American singers and is so important that the clergy member who gave the benediction at President Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration opened with lines from the song.

Into that fits Kaepernick, and those who have followed his lead.

The 28-year-old quarterback has inspired others to protest as well.

They include a Vietnam veteran in Texas who tears up thinking about the flag and a gay San Francisco photographer offended by what he sees as disrespect for a symbol of the greatest country in the world. "I think having these conversations helps everybody have a better understanding of where everybody is coming from". The student had been putting batteries into a camera. "I was able to bring a lot of attention to this and able to get a lot of support". Every American is obligated to honor the national anthem and the flag and "to him who is given much, much is expected". She wrote this for an essay contest marking National Constitution Day for a government and economics class.

Her protest was met with silence in the chamber. That's why we're part of America.