Everything You Need to Know About: 'Blair Witch'

  • Everything You Need to Know About: 'Blair Witch'

Everything You Need to Know About: 'Blair Witch'

Falling into the trap that sinks most horror sequels, "Blair Witch" amps the jolts and shocks with more visceral frights (there's some business involving an infected foot wound that is truly unnerving and also super gross) to diminishing results.

"I definitely want to see that prequel idea ... as a matter of fact, I hope to try to push that into reality", says Wingard.

Which brings us, 16 years later, to a second sequel reimagined, as the marketers like to say, for a new generation. Where the first film never truly made it clear if there was a supernatural force at work and showed nothing that would seem terribly scary in the bright light of day, Blair Witch eventually goes all-in on the impossible, with pulsating skin parasites, flying tents and some CGI that undermines the carefully constructed practical effects. The cast does their best but there isn't much they can do to make this film that good. Blair Witch, by contrast, simulates amateurishness in the same highly professional manner as countless Blair Witch rip-offs before it.

22 years after three young filmmakers disappeared into the woods in Maryland, a small group of college kids help James (McCune) hunt for his missing sister Heather from the original film.

This sequel gets progressively messy while "The Blair Witch Project" grew progressively taut.

But here's the thing: There are only so many times you can watch people running around the forest at night while screaming their heads off before it loses some of its punch.

From there, the film follows the basic lost-in-the-woods template of the original with a few new wrinkles, mostly technological.

"The film feels so authentic that at a certain point you forget that you're watching a found footage movie".

James (James Allen McCune), the brother of one of the Blair Witch's original victims, happens upon online video of what he thinks is his long-lost sister in the witch's house.

Given that we've had 17 years of found-footage horror movies between the original and this installment, everything feels exhausted. Fast forward 17 years and we have Blair Witch as it is now called, a stealth sequel that hid under the name of The Woods while in production.

Directed by Adam Wingard-whom is considered one of the great white hopes by the Fangoria set-actually takes an fantastic step backwards in his creative path just to have a mainstream hit, which is a shame considering how great his flicks You're Next and The House Guest were. This reports acclaimed the movie as one of the most successful and renowned scaring independent movies of all time. The footage doesn't look any different than your standard Hollywood movie, but part of the reason for that is that home video technology is perfectly capable of giving you that kind of look.

Unlike Book of Shadows, a great deal of time was spent in creating Blair Witch and the world that may emerge from it. One notable difference from the original is that there are some modern methods of photography included in Blair Witch.

It was shot, structured and executed very much like the eerie original: so it too is a slow-build shockfest.