Robots in casinos

  • Robots in casinos

Robots in casinos

If casino decided to buy robot they will have to be ready that many players seeing a soulless machine, rather than a living person after another loss can splash a glass of champagne or a glass of whiskey in the robot. Whether robot can survive such a treat or it will burn some contacts and casino owners will have to buy the new dealer?

The one who really appreciated the robots it's the players of live casino online. Usually, people call them bots. These robots are significantly simplifying the life of fans of virtual gambling. Bots are able to analyze the situation quickly and accurately in live casinos, and make the right decision, which will save the rate or lead to a good win. And most importantly, the bot is very difficult to distinguish from the real player, which means that you can play in two or three hands at the same time on the live roulette online.

The situation with a robot bartender, who can be found in a variety of modern institutions today. The robot is able to prepare quickly and accurately even the most sophisticated cocktail. To place an order, the client does not need to go to the bar; it is enough to have a fairly handy gadget connected to a Wi-Fi network that this institution distributes. Again, the employer will save a lot of money on various payments to such employee. And it is the best opportunity for every live casino.

But today, sitting at a table, it is not necessarily to stomp to the bar in order to enjoy a glass or two, it will make for you a cute waitress. And if you still sat at the counter and feel that you are ready to tell the bartender your story, the robot will hardly be able to listen to it and keep a sympathetic conversation. And especially it will never give you free glass on the house. After all, this functionality is not incorporated into the program. It is your choice, and if you still want to see another human being in the bar or in the casino, you can go to Las Vegas. If it is not very important and you just want to win the money, try live casino.