Trump Campaign Settles On Blaming Ex-Ballerina For Melania Trump's Plagiarism

Donald Trump claimed the Republican nomination Tuesday after flattening the establishment with his unorthodox campaign - but his convention is also exposing the downside of his freewheeling approach. Meredith McIver apologized in a statement sent out by the campaign and said the Trumps did not accept her resignation.

Melania Trump's speech Monday was well-received until suggestions surfaced that sections of it were plagiarized from Michelle Obama's address to the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

The speech Melania Trump delivered on Monday night was an entirely different speech than what they had drafted, with the exception of a half-dozen lines. Over the phone, she read me some passages from Mrs. Obama's speech as examples.

"I think sometimes when you write from the heart, and I'll certainly deliver it from the heart, the product will be what it will be", Trump said, before adding that regardless the speech will "be certainly honest and full of love and full of emotion". No harm was meant. Tuesday night it was a virtual appearance, live from NY thanking delegates for awarding him the party's presidential nomination. Not so for Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, a leader of the outmaneuvered anti-Trump contingent, who said it's time to "cancel the convention, stop the sham", and who warned Trump might run into a "show of displeasure" in his acceptance speech ending the convention Thursday night. Also speaking tonight is Texas senator and Trump rival Ted Cruz.

She's a full-time staff writer there, and not, it seems, a paid member of his campaign, which raises questions about whether Trump violated campaign finance laws in using her help.

He said he'll focus "on the why" his father is running for president.

She's had ties to the Trump organization for a very long time: McIver has been a member of the Trump Organization - the principal holding company for all of Trump's interests - since at least 2001.

"While he can be extremely volatile in both public and private and prone to dismissing top lieutenants and shaking up his high command, Trump has deep affection discreet longtime lower-tier employees like McIver who have devoted themselves to him". Colorado cast most of its votes for Cruz.

The Trump team insists they'll play well in Democratic-friendly terrain like Connecticut, Oregon and New Jersey, and that Trump will campaign in blue states.

As large and challenging as political conventions are, they pale in comparison with the scope of a president's responsibilities, and sloppiness in Cleveland could hint at what a Trump presidency could look like.