Chris Christie praises pick of Mike Pence to MI delegates

  • Chris Christie praises pick of Mike Pence to MI delegates

Chris Christie praises pick of Mike Pence to MI delegates

IN governor Mike Pence remained silent for most of the 21-minute grilling, which aired on the CBS programme "60 Minutes" last night.

Trump praised Pence's record as governor of IN, saying he will help push to create manufacturing jobs - a key domestic platform IN Trump's campaign.

"I don't care" that Pence voted in favor of going to war in Iraq when he was in Congress, Trump said.

Pence fits Trump well, Appell said, and the IN governor will only need to stay out of the way and "complement and amplify" his running mate's message.

Once calling himself as "a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order", Pence is also a beloved social conservative among the devout evangelical conservatives within the party.

Trump has continually engaged in name-calling and ad hominem attacks against his opponents, in contrast to Pence, who has previously decried negative campaigning. MA senator Elizabeth Warren, a favourite of liberals and one of the Democrats' most effective Trump critics, and Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, were seen in separate cars that left Clinton's home. "We have to wipe out ISIS", Trump tells Stahl.

Ahead of the Republican National Convention this week, when the two men ― barring any last-minute commotion ― will formally accept their party's nominations for president and vice president, Trump and Pence attempted to put on a united front.

"It was the single greatest non endorsement I've ever had", Trump said.

For the pro-Israel community, Pence is viewed as a strong advocate for the Jewish state who can bolster Trump's sometimes shaky relationship with Jewish leaders.

"Donald Trump's position on immigration is that the world is a mess and terrorism is rampant internationally".

But Trump didn't shy away from the double standard in his response to Clinton's vote versus Pence's.

"I call her 'Crooked Hillary.' She's crooked Hillary", he said.

Trump then gave Pence permission to answer yes.

Manafort, whose late father was a three-term Republican mayor in Democratic-dominated New Britain, serves as the campaign chairman and chief strategist for Republican Donald J. Trump.

"While minding my own business at the Starbucks inside the Westin hotel this morning, I saw a man engage Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in conversation about the VP selection process".

The Trump-Pence event offered Americans the first glimpse at what the 2016 Republican presidential ticket will look like, barring the unexpected.