This Is How Turkish Troops Surrendered The Attempted Military Coup

Some of the numbers in this piece have been updated by AlterNet as more information has become available.

A faction of the armed forces tried to seize power using tanks and attack helicopters targeting the Turkish parliament and intelligence headquarters in the capital, Ankara.

He added that the Turkish military has always been a strong supporter of secular government and a critic of government corruption.

Erdogan also said that "rogue elements" in the military involved in the coup would "pay a heavy price for their treason to Turkey" and "those who stain the military's reputation must leave".

By Saturday afternoon, CNN Turk reported that security forces had completed an operation against coup plotters at the headquarters of the military general staff. Security sources also said police detained about 100 military officers at an air base in the southeast.

At least 265 were killed during the incident, with 42 killed in Ankarra according to Hurriyet Daily News.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Ankara issued a statement Saturday warning that USA government officials have been told not to use the airport in Istanbul and that US citizens in the country should seek shelter.

Speaking from Luxembourg during a European tour, Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated the United States' support for the Erdogan government.

"They were in Istanbul with the order to transport the wounded". Warplanes launched at least one airstrike in Ankara, according to Erdogan.

However, a failed coup attempt could still destabilize a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member and major USA ally that lies between the European Union and the chaos of Syria, with Islamic State bombers targeting Turkish cities and the government also at war with Kurdish separatists.

"In particular, we urge all those in a position of authority to reassure Britons and other foreign nationals now visiting Turkey that they are safe, and will be allowed to return home without impediment at the earliest opportunity", she added.

Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim called the military actions in multiple cities an attempted coup.

"Some flights to airports in Turkey are being diverted or cancelled, and the bridges across the Bosphorus in Istanbul have been closed". Erdogan, also an Islamist, harshly condemned Morsi's overthrow, and the two countries have had tense relations since.

By Saturday morning, reports surfaced that soldiers supporting the coup were surrendering to the military.

The pro-Gulen Lehigh Dialogue Center issued a statement denouncing the overthrow attempt Saturday afternoon. "The HDP, under any circumstances, in principle, opposes any kind of coup.

Turkey urgently needs a pluralistic democracy and complete freedom".

Erdogan flew home early Saturday and declared the coup a failure.

Gulen is the founder of what has been called a moderate Islamic movement with schools around the world and a stated commitment to defending human rights. Erdogan supporters responded to the president's pleas with massive protests while reports of shots and clashes were ongoing.

Facebook and Twitter were reportedly blocked in March after pictures from a deadly vehicle bombing spread on social media.

"All global agreements are still valid". We will continue to serve the people.

Anadolu news agency said one of those detained was the commander of the Second Army which protects the country's borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. "They didn't know how to do it so our empty studio was live on TV for the whole time before we regained control".

The rebels bungled an attempt to silence CNN Turk, jointly owned by Turner Entertainment Systems of the United States and Dogan Yayin Holding.

Gunshots were heard throughout the night on Friday, with military jets and helicopters seen flying and opening fire overhead.