USA Network leaks part of Mr. Robot premiere

"To date, Mr. Robot has been licensed in almost 200 territories worldwide, and the fan fervor and interest in the franchise inspired us to create a coordinated global campaign around the second season premiere". The thrill of creating chaos, which drove so much of season one, tips into the realisation that fsociety may have created something darker and more terrifying than Elliot could have imagined.

Picking up not long after the debt-cancelling E Corp hack by digital vigilantes fsociety, the far more nuanced second season sees a very pissed off Barack Obama, gunshots, some Wall Street vandalism, ransom money performance art and the stakes rising as the Federal Bureau of Investigation close in and the US economy shutters and sputters. E Corp CEO Philip Price (Michael Cristofer) is attempting to finagle a government bailout while faced with a ransomware attack on his banks. This huge fsociety's hack erased thousands of people's debts.

For those somehow unfamiliar, Mr. Robot follows Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a cyber security company employee who acts as a hacker in his spare time.

The premiere ended with Elliot picking up his phone and being greeted on the other end by Tyrell. The show wedded a heady study of mental illness to a wickedly cynical view of our hyperconnected digital age and all its troubled Orwellian implications.

Darlene was one of Mr. Robot/Elliot's first recruits for fsociety, and she was essentially his right-hand man.

Elliot turned in Vera for raping Shayla, his drug dealer and girlfriend. Fans and followers tweeted, but USA Network was quick to delete the video right after dropping the teaser. Their target is E Corp, who just so happen to be Allsafe's biggest client. CTO to testify about the cover-up. Elliot's attempt to wrestle confidence and control for himself in his battle is an eloquent, metaphorical microcosm for the mid-revolution world fscociety is trying desperately to change. Of course Mr. Whiterose does because he and Elliot discussed this not so long ago. Here are some interviews with the cast and creator/executive producer to help with the wait for season 2.

That also requires a delicate marketing and brand blitz for Season 2, as the network tries to nurture the audience for its critically acclaimed freshman sensation while remaining faithful to Mr. Robot's anti-corporate, anti-establishment message.