Republicans Reject Last-Ditch Attempt To Stop Trump Securing Nomination

This is a big get for any politician - considering how many people tune in for these nationally televised events - but the audience could be even larger this year, considering how much media attention Trump has received. The committee voted 87-12 for a rule that requires delegates to vote for the nomination of the candidate they've been pledged to.

Still, this was the anti-Trump forces' second defeat in three days.

But it appears uncertain whether its backers could gather enough support to force the full convention to revisit the proposal when it convenes Monday.

Aside from the occasional rally appearance, Donald Trump's family have been largely absent from the campaign trail. On a 112-member rules panel dominated by party and Trump loyalists, the outcome was expected.

Free the Delegates founder Kendal Unruh, the Colorado delegate and rules committee member who sponsored the conscience amendment, remained undaunted about the rejection of the conscience proposal, insisting, "it's not dead".

It doesn't sound like that is going to happen.

The coalition had for months been staging a revolt to float a convention rule challenge - one that was buoying #NeverTrump conservatives in the lead-up to next week's July 18 convention in Cleveland.

Finally, it has been suggested that anti-Trump delegates sit out the first ballot. "We need to get behind our candidate".

Delegates were reluctant to go against voters.

Despite Donald Trump's initial plan to announce Friday morning who he's tapped as his running mate, the candidate's campaign chairman said that after the attack in Nice, France, Trump "isn't prepared to" publicize his choice just yet. And then there would be a long pause while the party "brokered" its way to a nominee for the first time since 1952. Is he or she a "robot" that should automatically vote for the presidential candidate they were selected to represent?

Duncan is going to the convention as a delegate for Cruz, who won Kansas' caucuses in March.

Unruh, like many of her allies a delegate for Texas Sen.

Tebow, who had just returned from the Philippines, said in a video posted to Instagram Thursday that he woke up to find out that he was speaking at the convention.

As a result of the deal collapsing, the Rules Committee proceeded to debate a series of votes to limit the power of the RNC. But she said she and her allies, citing a belief that they already have a right to vote their conscience, will oppose Trump's nomination in the gathering's roll call next week. Well, you had your chance to do that on primary day in your state. What an "issue of conscience" is, exactly, is unspecified, but the conclusion is to trust delegates to know it when they see it.

Lots of major Republican politicians have passed on not only speaking at the convention but attending it altogether.