Mr. Robot Viewers Treated to Leaked Season 2 Premiere Across Social Media

  • Mr. Robot Viewers Treated to Leaked Season 2 Premiere Across Social Media

Mr. Robot Viewers Treated to Leaked Season 2 Premiere Across Social Media

Mr. Robot is bucking conventions of network television in more ways than one. "We really come back from after the hack went through, and we continue to tell the story that [ultimately] has an ending, so this is kind of the second chapter of it".

The new season opens with two flashback scenes, one involving Elliot's childhood and the other showing a conversation between Tyrell Wellick and the F Society.

Mr. Robot was the second most pirated show beyond Game of Thrones, according to Rami Malek, who does an excellent job in his role as Elliot.

Elliot, himself, is disciplining to a regimented schedule, scribbling QR codes in his journal and dealing with his increasingly violent split-personality disorder.

Picking up not long after the debt-cancelling E Corp hack by digital vigilantes fsociety, the far more nuanced second season sees a very pissed off Barack Obama, gunshots, some Wall Street vandalism, ransom money performance art and the stakes rising as the Federal Bureau of Investigation close in and the USA economy shutters and sputters. His mission is to destroy their data, thereby removing any debt their customers have.

Shortly after, the official "Mr. Robot" Twitter feed posted a schedule listing times and locations where the episode would be streaming, noting that it would be the only opportunity available until the official Wednesday airing.

The decision by the show's creators to leak the season premiere isn't completely unexpected. That's both parts of this exciting premiere back-to-back! The episode then began playing instead of the Q&A continuing.

Episode 3 is titled, eps2.1k3rnel-pan1c.ksd, which will air on 20 July at 10pm EST. The 40-minute secret premiere (now unavailable) gave a tease of insight into Joey's character, Leon. Spoilers also hint that the show will turn darker and deeper.

However, fans who apparently caught a glimpse of the premiere were pleasantly surprised by the sneak peek.

Season 2 of USA Network's "Mr. Robot" debuts on Wednesday at 10pm EST with a two-part episode, and there's a lot to catch up on from where we left off previous year.

The exploration of the consequences of fsociety's hack of the global economy will serve as fascinating grist for the upcoming episodes, but it's still the humanity at the heart of Mr Robot that makes it so special.

Initially planned to include 10 episodes, an additional 2 were ordered by USA Network, for a total of 12 episodes.