Fresno police video shows fatal shooting of 19-year-old

  • Fresno police video shows fatal shooting of 19-year-old

Fresno police video shows fatal shooting of 19-year-old

The video of Noble's death comes amidst a string of videos released to the public that show officer-involved shootings.

Body camera footage from the Fresno police department captures the shooting of Dylan Noble, 19, who was killed after a traffic stop when police believed he was armed.

By releasing police body camera footage of a controversial shooting, Fresno's police chief has gotten in the middle of a fierce debate about whether the public should have access to these videos. By doing so, Fresno police broke ranks with other law enforcement agencies, which rarely releasing body camera footage.

Paboojian said Dylan Noble would be alive if Fresno police had treated it like a normal traffic stop. "Dude, if you reach one more time, you will get shot again". However, according to reports, Noble was holding a plastic box. One yells: "Drop whatever you have in your hand!"

In fact, one cop shot him twice from about ten feet away, causing Noble to fall to the ground. Two of the shots come after Noble is already on the ground but appears to be reaching for his waist.

In releasing the video Wednesday evening, Dyer called the footage "extremely disturbing" to watch, but said he hoped it would help clarify the circumstances at the time of the incident and why police opened fire. "In some cases we are one spark away from a forest fire". Dyer said Noble's family was shown the video first, before members of the community had a chance to see it.

"I too have questions about the last two rounds that were fired". On the ground he continues reaching under his shirt, the video shows.

The release of the videos comes as police are under sharp scrutiny across the U.S. over numerous high-profile police killings of unarmed black people, sparking widespread and sometimes destructive protests. He added that the men who shot and killed Noble are veteran officers, each serving more than 15 years on the force.

Noble did not comply and kept one hand behind his back, sometimes pulling it out quickly. Officers get closer to the truck. They yelled several commands to the suspect such as "Let's see your hands" and "Get both your hands out". Angered by the deaths, a lone gunman shot five officers in Dallas, Thursday, after an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter protest.

Stuart Chandler, the attorney for Noble's mother, Veronica Nelson, put out an earlier statement saying that he urged the police chief to release the video Wednesday.

Dyer said he made a decision to release the graphic footage due to the intense public interest in the shooting.

Nelson has filed a lawsuit against the city for the officers' use of excessive force.