Barack Obama: Dallas shootings cast shadow over US President's trip to Spain

  • Barack Obama: Dallas shootings cast shadow over US President's trip to Spain

Barack Obama: Dallas shootings cast shadow over US President's trip to Spain

It was cut short by his decision to return to the USA early in the wake of a tumultuous week during which two black men were shot and killed by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota and five police officers were killed by a sniper while guarding a peaceful protest in Dallas.

He said violence against police by anyone concerned about fairness in the criminal justice system does "a disservice to the cause". The book's leather cover is stamped with the USA seal and the seal of Spain's Royal House.

He also gave the president an English edition of Don Quixote, the famed Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. I'm so grateful for the understanding not only of his majesty but the people of Spain.

"It is in the interest of police officers that their communities trust them", he added.

It took the White House more than seven years to lock in Spain on President Barack Obama's foreign travel schedule. His wife, Michelle, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, stopped in Spain in late June during the first lady's three-country trip to promote education for adolescent girls in developing countries. Tourists and curiosity seekers lined some streets in hopes of catching a glimpse of him, and local TV aired wall-to-wall coverage of his movements.

Obama is cutting his first visit to Spain a day short because of a series of deadly shootings in the U.S.

He will also hold talks with King Felipe at the royal palace, before heading back to the United States, a country that now seems as divided in its politics as Spain.

"So on my visit to Europe, what I have been trying to communicate, what I have been wanting to focus on, is America's relation to Europe and the fact that our commitment will not change", Obama said.

Obama's visit to Madrid comes after Rajoy's conservative People's Party (PP) failed to win a parliamentary majority last month leaving the country in a political stalemate as the parties work to form a coalition government.

Obama told reporters he was "horrified" by the shootings and offered federal assistance to Dallas police and city officials.

Obama plans to travel to Madrid, visit troops at the Rota naval base in Cadiz and return to Washington on Sunday night.

President Barack Obama tells members of the US military in Spain that America will overcome various threats and challenges not only through its military strength but by staying true to its values, including respect for one another and the refusal to be divided by ethnicity and religion. But the state of alarm in the USA over the shootings ended up turning his first and only visit to Spain, the largest European country that had yet to welcome the president, into a rushed one.

Not being inclusive in world affairs, Obama said, could alienate citizens throughout the world, causing conflict, mass immigration, and the creation of safe havens for terrorism. Obama, who visited Spain in his 20s while backpacking through Europe, told Rajoy that he definitely will return as an ex-president because Spain's food, culture and climate is "hard to resist".