Chris Harrison Blogs 'The Bachelorette' Episode 3

  • Chris Harrison Blogs 'The Bachelorette' Episode 3

Chris Harrison Blogs 'The Bachelorette' Episode 3

Hold on to your wine glasses!

So what will happen on Episode 4 of Bachelorette Season 12?

Last Monday, we saw tensions rise in the house between Chad and basically everybody else, but Daniel.

Right off the bat, JoJo took Chase to do some hot yoga and there is no better way to get your walls to come down than to do something totally and completely uncomfortable. The yoga instructor taught them how to do an angergasm, which JoJo compared to an exorcism. However, she wants Evan to stay and gives him the group date rose.

"I feel like I'm in a super vulnerable position", Peth said.

Good thing Chase described himself as, "The laid back one that will have fun no matter the situation I am put in" in his ABC bio. Anyway, he's staying. Then Charles Kelley was singing out in the backyard, so they went outside to slow dance.

Spoiler alert: The answer is none. JoJo didn't appreciate Chad's disrespect, while the other guys reveled in the fact that she finally got a taste of his true self. "My life is my business", Chad said, seemingly forgetting that he voluntarily chose to participate on a risqué dating show.

"You're a 27-year-old failed football player", Chad spews. Dang! Chad also asked Alex and Jordan if they wanted to step outside.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that this challenge made Chad angry. Or let's say you're Donald Trump or something like that.

In spite of being friend-zoned early on, Taylor earned a make out session with JoJo.

. It's all fun until Evan takes the stage and implies that Chad takes steroids. The other guys aren't exactly thrilled about the idea of talking to JoJo about sex, but they suck it up and try to have fun with it. Well, everyone except Chad.

In the end JoJo offered Evan the group date rose even though he claimed he would not be comfortable in the house if the resident villain remained. But before Harrison could make his exit, Evan pulled him aside and genuinely encouraged him to remove Chad from the show.

Despite the altercation, the night continues with JoJo spending some one-on-one time with each of the guys.

Chad Johnson is still in the running to win JoJo Fletcher's heart, but if he doesn't, chances are he'll be looking for love in paradise. As noted by the report, Evan will end up bleeding after a diving accident, leading to the bachelor to need medical attention for his injury.

Host Chris Harrison informed the suitors that instead of a cocktail party, the Bachelorette preferred to spend the day in the pool with her boys. Chris then took Chad outside to have a chat.

Things get more heated backstage when Chad pushes Evan and tells him he's going to "die". After taking lessons and putting their moves to use, James T. and JoJo chatted in a convertible about his childhood.

Before the date, JoJo was anxious James T. might be destined to live in the friend zone, but it turns out she was attracted to him. After the rose ceremony, the bachelors who got eliminated are Ali Zahiri, Christian Bishop, and Nick Benvenutti. That kicks off battle royale, Chad vs. Everybody, part 17.

As TV Guide notes, Bachelorette spoilers share that JoJo Fletcher will be hanging out with the guys for a pool party, but many are distracted after all of the drama that has previously been unfolding.