'The Good Wife' Season 7 Finale Ends In A Dramatic Twist

  • 'The Good Wife' Season 7 Finale Ends In A Dramatic Twist

'The Good Wife' Season 7 Finale Ends In A Dramatic Twist

Alicia has had one of the best wardrobes on TV! We demand integrity! As the creators wrote in their letter to fans after Will died, it may seem unfair, but that's how life works: " "The Good Wife" is a show about human behavior and emotion, and death", they wrote. There's an enormous amount of back story and shared history about to come to an end - far too much to remember or sort out in the short time left.

Since this is "The Education of Alicia Florrick", she should learn something when all is said and done.

It must be said that another "star" of "The Good Wife" has been the writing “... which moved past the initial concept of a wronged political wife's coping mechanism to consider such themes as career resuscitation, business rivalry and corporate surveillance”.

Thankfully, however, this show has been all about subverting the "good wife" notion, pushing Alicia Florrick out of her seemingly safe, but ultimately risky position as Peter Florrick's wife. It's a visual symptom of the show's shrinking scope: The Good Wife has gone private sector, keeping its concerns close to home. Like "Law & Order" before it, "Good Wife" offered juicy recurring and guest gigs to stage actors. Perhaps Alicia spent her free time practicing the Dark Arts and brought back her daughter back from the Other Side. Even if he's not, he might be going to jail. We wanted to know. She's scared, humbled, embarrassed, but she does it anyway.

Margulies muses: "And yet at the core of this character, which I never forgot, was what the title of the show is, The Good Wife". So if it's about the reality of it, that's just true to life. It was also, by all available accounts, a very hard pace and time investment for its actors.

Margulies was flawless in the role.

Margulies is also blown away by the popularity and the iconic status her character Alicia Florrick earned through the course of "The Good Wife". How do you want "The Good Wife" to end?