Quantum Break's Story and Ending Explained

  • Quantum Break's Story and Ending Explained

Quantum Break's Story and Ending Explained

What is unique about Quantum Break's Narrative is that after each act you come to a junction where you must choose one of two options which affects the remainder of the game, the entire story changes based on your decision after each act. This title was being developed by Remedy Entertainment, the same folks who brought us the captivating Alan Wake, and promised to combine the world of video games and live-action television in a way that was never seen before. Quantum Break launched for both the Xbox One console and also for Windows 10 PC. Littlefinger in "Game of Thrones" and Tommy Carcetti in "The Wire" - Jack meets him at the Riverport University's physics building. You play as Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore), a former troublemaker and the scapegoat of his family who grew up in the shadow of his genius older brother, Dr. William Joyce (Dominic Monaghan).

Remedy wants its Xbox One debut to feel like the future of gaming. It turns out the latter is not as friendly as his introductory sequence made him out to be, and in fact he's heading up a secretive corporation called Monarch who appear to have Sinister Intentions, as they just might have a hand in all this time-breaking tomfoolery.

Despite Remedy going to great lengths to optimise performance - even going as far as locking the Xbox One version down to 720p/30fps - screen tearing and frame-rate drops were common, especially during the busier fight sequences and most of the time it did not feel like playing a current gen game. And these limitations aren't just introduced to explain away possible questions from the audience-they become a crucial part of the script, guiding the overall plot for much of the second half of the game. Regardless of whether you buy the game physically or online you need to either stream each episode or download the 75GB episode pack.

Jack's powers are fun to use at first but lose their appeal before long.

Cam Rogers has managed to capture the game's thrilling storyline and live action into the 448 pages of Quantum Break: Zero State.

Your choices in the game have an effect in how the combat and how the characters react in different ways.

The newly released Quantum Break keeps that tradition alive.

The good: The gameplay in "Quantum Break" is unique. Quantum Break does it relatively seamlessly given the content and source material. When you feel confident enough to emerge from cover, stringing together two or three of these abilities to take out a wave of bad guys can be immensely satisfying. Quantum Break has some novel ideas, but there are a few too many unanswered questions and unsatisfied promises at the end. Much of it takes place inside individual time fractures, too, which requires you to either freeze time or use your dash to dodge past obstacles. (Or maybe Dan Harmon.) The studio wore its TV influences on its sleeve in its last game series, the spooky thriller Alan Wake.