Katie Cassidy on Death of Black Canary

  • Katie Cassidy on Death of Black Canary

Katie Cassidy on Death of Black Canary

However, did Laurel's death feel a bit odd?

Do not read ahead unless you've watched Wednesday's episode of Arrow.

KC: I think at the end of season two, when I put the jacket on for the first time, that moment was like... Oliver seemingly died in the mid-season 3 finale, only to be revived episodes later. "After months of speculation, the biggest mystery of the season 4 is about to be solved". Damien is so much more powerful than any of the previous villains the heroes have faced. Neal McDonough has been a great addition to the cast but the confrontation in the prison would have been incredibly groan-worthy if all the members of Team Arrow escaped with their lives, yet again. Laurel takes off her mask to head to the prison to search the cell as ADA.

An initial rescue attempt by Team Arrow leaves Oliver with the now Borg-like bees self-replicating inside his body.

But grief won't distract Team Arrow from getting justice for Laurel. If Arrow wanted to kill a major character, chances are it was going to be a female character. This episode is a marvelous sendoff for Laurel, a character I fear I misunderstood on some levels until it was too late. Laurel articulated her last few pent-up feelings to Oliver, and then she asked him to get something out of her uniform. Oliver returned. And instead of staying away from him, Laurel fell for Oliver again. That character was resurrected before moving on to Legends of Tomorrow. Since Season 3, the most divisive point that draws the line in the sand is Oliver's romantic arc Laurel, but Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), the blonde beauty with a brain and Team Arrow tech asset, and not Laurel. We're in that world and we lean into it pretty strongly in [the next episode].

Share your thoughts on the death of a DC Comics character by leaving a comment. It could have been handled in a less obvious way but it's impossible to say Laurel didn't get a full goodbye. Obviously season 2, my character had a really hard time. While Arrow eventually turned it around and season 4 was, by far, Laurel's best season. Diggle has always been one of the most earnest characters on this show, and living with that is going to eat his alive. She tells him, "I'm really glad that you found Felicity and I really hope that you find your way back to her. And, Ollie, I know that I am not the love of your life, but you will always be the love of mine". She points him to a pouch in her suit where she carried that photo of herself that Oliver held on the island. Laurel is the most underdeveloped character on Team Arrow. This show used to handle death in a compelling and smart way. I think the shock value was good....

Producer Marc Guggenheim also chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about the creative decision, and where it might propel things for the rest of the season (and into next year).

Now, a big part of the reason that Chekhov's gun is such an important concept is that it articulates a promise made between the storyteller and the audience: This thing we're setting up here will be followed through on later. In fact, you will see her on an episode of "The Flash", playing the Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance.

At a campaign event, Damien's wife offers a position to Laurel (Katie Cassidy) as D.A. Why Laurel and Thea Thea (Willa Holland) watching on the monitors, Malcolm shows up at the bunker and demands the idol. While Andy rescues the shipment, Thea fights with her father but can not slit his throat. He also says that deciding to kill her off was influenced by how her death would affect the remaining Arrow characters.

If nothing else this proves that the creative team behind the Arrowverse has a clear interest in continuing their relationship with the actress. It made sense to me.

That evolution has a lot to do with The Flash, which introduced both time travel and the idea of alternate universes.

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