Jesse Eisenberg Justifies Lex Luthor's Crazy Batman v Superman Plan

  • Jesse Eisenberg Justifies Lex Luthor's Crazy Batman v Superman Plan

Jesse Eisenberg Justifies Lex Luthor's Crazy Batman v Superman Plan

Batman v Superman may have not been everybody's cup of tea; you can read our review of Dawn of Justice to see what we thought of Zack Snyder's movie.

"I think if we could get a good script it would be great to have a standalone Superman movie", Snyder said. Batman v Superman was packed to the brim with nods to comic book continuity, including Crisis on Infinite Earths, Injustice, Death of Superman, The Dark Knight Returns and more. I think that throughout the entire two hours and 33 minutes of the movie, I let out one half-hearted chuckle.

Many fans of Superman and Batman were excited about the prospect of a movie featuring the two heroes, myself included. It was as if Zack Snyder, the director, wanted there to be as little dialog as possible, so the movie was filled with fighting sequences and long montages of different people doing activities set to dramatic music. "If this does well, we can start negotiating with Warner Bros to start developing a standalone Superman".

Warner Bros, the studio behind "Batman v Superman" and "Justice League", would no doubt love the chance to work with Affleck on the film given the success of his most recent outing as the Caped Crusader, TheWrap said.

Snyder recently spoke to IGN, where he confirmed that he would want to do another film about the DC superhero. But I think DC fans might get a kick out of seeing all these characters interact with each other. What does the film's subpar performance mean for future installments like "Suicide Squad", "The Flash", "Aquaman", the two-part "Justice League" and "Wonder Woman", whose release date just moved up 11 days? If "BvS" was originally the sequel to "Man of Steel" and the character's most popular storyline has been used (not to mention killing off Jimmy Olsen) would there still be a solo movie for Superman?

This rumor about DCEU films getting scrapped is probably going to stick around for awhile, another THR source says that the folks at Warner Bros. haven't drastically altered their plans. In many ways, Ben Affleck going into directing was what brought him back out of the darkness and into the light.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cost $250 million to make before marketing and earned a B CinemaScore from audiences last weekend.