Ethel Easter secretly records her own surgery and hears doctors insulting her

  • Ethel Easter secretly records her own surgery and hears doctors insulting her

Ethel Easter secretly records her own surgery and hears doctors insulting her

"I was distraught, I was violated", Ethel Easter says. "I can't last for two months, I can't do this for two months, I'm terminally ill right now, I'm very" and he said 'Listen, ' and he got very abrupt", Easter told Fox 26.

Ethel Easter got a bad feeling about her doctor when he not-so-kindly told her she'd have to wait two months to have hernia surgery. He said, "who do you think you are?" According to Easter, it was then that she made a decision to sneak device into the operating room so that at least the audio would be recorded.

As soon as Ethel started to snore, the surgeon began to criticize her. "She's a handful", he says in the recording.

"He wasn't comforting... It was terrible the way he spoke to me", she told Yahoo Beauty.

"That's a Bill Cosby suggestion", someone said.

Easter said what bothered her the most was when she felt the doctors were not expressing concern about her penicillin allergy.

If Easter does decide to file a suit related to the recorded conversation, there is some legal precedent that indicates that could be looking at a big payout.

In the recording, the surgeon allegedly said the reaction was not enough of an issue to prevent injecting Easter with an antibiotic that has side effects in a few penicillin-allergic patients. He tells his surgical staff that she's a handful and goes into the incident at his office that caused her to secretly record the procedure in the first place, claiming that the woman's anger stemmed from the fact that his clinic refused to book her case in two weeks. "It was an unnecessary risk that he took with me".

Harris Health System, who run the hospital where Easter was treated, sent her a letter response to her complaints saying that staff has been reminded to be mindful of what they say about patients and how they treat them.

It's not clear why Harris Health System would refer to potentially racist remarks and ridicule as an "opportunity", but did say in the letter that it won't be taking any action against the staff.

Easter said she released the recording to "make people aware of what was happening".

The surgeon also comments that he feels sorry for Ms. Easter's husband.

Easter told ABC News Wednesday she was not sure if she will sue the hospital.