Microsoft Planning "Trio" of Windows 10-powered Surface Phones For 2017

Moreover, most of the Windows phones sold (at least 97 percent) are Microsoft's Lumia line, not partner device makers such as HP. Microsoft has explained this on their blog, commenting that the company is looking forward towards improving the quality more than improving the numbers. He's right in that regard-Android and iOS combine for a 98.4 percent share of the worldwide smartphone market, according to the most recent data from Gartner, whereas Microsoft is clinging to just over 1 percent.

Microsoft Corporation's CEO Satya Nadella has been on the forefront of pushing for the Universal Windows Platform, which is initially being rolled through the Windows 10 operating system.

Notably absent from that list is a lower-cost, entry-level model - though the Microsoft Lumia 650, a $199 business-focused Windows 10 phone released in February, probably plays that role.

These three models are aimed at consumer, business and prosumer or enthusiast groups with different price tags suiting the categories they belong to.

The report said that Microsoft has scaled back on Windows Phone development for a number of reasons.

Interestingly, BGR says Microsoft has already developed and tested the Surface Phone, implying it's only a matter of time before Microsoft launches the device. Windows Central doesn't have any information on what will be the differences between these handsets, but you can guess there will be differences in hardware and pricing while keeping a similar design language. However, previous rumours suggest that the so-called Surface Phone will feature a 5.5in QHD AMOLED screen, an Intel Atom CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of storage. A handful of other Windows 10 Mobile devices have launched over the last few months. It's worth noting that there have also been reports of a delay until next year for Windows 10 version Redstone 2, along with new Surface tablets.