IPhone 5SE build costs only $160

Sudhir Hasija, chairman of Karbonn Mobiles, who sells about 1.7 million smartphones a month in India rants that the "Make in India could turn into the Dump in India".

This is exactly what the folks over at Chipworks have done.

Though it will look largely like an iPhone 5s, Kuo said the design won't be completely unchanged.

Nonetheless, there's some more evidence that suggests that Apple's iPhone SE was the right strategic move.

Now, it is to be seen, how well the iPhone SE is received in India as it is slated to be launched tomorrow. The company is now working on their latest generation of iPhone devices, the iPhone 7, which is expected to release in the September of 2016. Even though several e-commerce portals have been selling the "beloved four-inch" phone since its launch on March 21, Apple made the phone and other new Apple products available to users in the UAE as of Tuesday, April 5.

However, as you fire up the new iPhone SE, there are habits that one can't change. The fact that the handset is smaller makes it more affordable, a criteria that can contribute to the success of devices in countries with huge social disparity. To remember, the 16GB variant of the iPhone 6 price Apple $200.10, while iPhone 6s Plus price it $236.

Both the iPhone 5SE and the iPhone 6 support up to 18 global LTE bands and also share the same 1.2 MP front facing shooter.

As per reports, in USA, refurbished iPhones are sold at discounts of up to 50% and if the same policy is adopted in India, it would affect the local smartphone makers immensely.

"I am not an iPhone fan but my wife is a big fan of Apple devices".

According to the IHS data "The $399 16GB iPhone SE costs Apple just $156.20 (in parts) and less than $4 (in labor) to manufacture, Fortune reports". While its rivals cry out about the environmental impact importing used phones could have, it's a known fact that the manufacturer recycles 85% of devices.

However, PhoneArena has flagged a new rumor from Korean news publication ETNews that claims Apple is going to use a new kind of chipset for the iPhone 7 that will allow it to have a thinner phone that's also capable of holding a larger battery.

Those numbers prove that Apple has gotten it all wrong. Its hardware configuration is basically the same as iPhone 6S, except for screen size.