Microsoft finally starts shipping the Surface Hub

In a specific example, Microsoft says that the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia will be using software developed by Qwaltec so that the Surface Hub becomes a control center for doctors and medical staff, to help manage scheduling better.

In any case, those who were eagerly awaiting the Surface Hub for their team-based collaborations at work can finally rest easy, as the Hub is, over a year removed from its arrival and a few months after its originally planned release date, now shipping out. They can reduce costs and improve effectiveness, compared to legacy AV and presentation technology. The Surface Hub comes in two sizes - a 55-inch version is available for $8,999 and an 84-inch version is available for $21,999.

The Windows 10 ecosystem is becoming an exciting one, with the unified OS running on everything from the smallest IoT devices up through the Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface book lines, to the Xbox One, and now the huge Surface Hub.

Check out a live demo of the Surface Hub in action that we captured at Microsoft's Innovation Center in Chicago recently.

With the arrival of the Surface Phone, Microsoft is gearing up to showcase the best business device ever created. Everything else appears to be the same as what's found on the 55-inch model, including the wireless All-In-One keyboard, and infrared, imaging, and depth sensors.

As noted above, there are two versions of Surface Hub, a 55-inch 1080p model and the 84-inch 4K version I used.

Sales of the Surface Hub devices will be sold via Microsoft's regional distributors.

A number of apps specifically support this new device, including Microsoft's own Power BI business-intelligence tool, Hall wrote. We have been building our Surface products with Surface Hub. The Surface Hub allows users to call collaborators on Skype, take notes with a OneNote notebook, and connect third-party devices like mobile phones or tablets. More importantly, we have seen how innovative businesses and partners have embraced this opportunity to pioneer new ways for groups to work together.

To know more about Surface Hub, go to Microsoft Surface Hub.

Microsoft had initially set the costs for the Windows 10-based Surface Hubs at $19,999 and $6,999, however later expanded them. On the off chance that you have to make a contention to administration why you have to purchase one of these, however, you ought to most likely convey a duplicate of this study to your meeting.