Windows 10 Mobile Redstone update to bring call audio routing option

On the other hand, Microsoft's list of devices to be updated with Windows 10 Mobile leaves out the most used Windows Phone handset - the Lumia 520 - as well as the Lumia 920.

Microsoft is preparing the next major overhaul of Windows 10, codenamed "Redstone", and from the latest leaks it looks like the UI is getting a significant overhaul, something Microsoft usually doesn't do in OS patches.

On the PC front, the new Windows 10 build fixes an annoying freeze when users plugged in an Xbox One, Xbox 360, or a compatible generic gamepad. It is not clear though as to what exactly the One M8 lacks that makes it incompatible with Windows 10 for mobiles.

The Verge has the complete list of Lumia phones that will get the Microsoft Windows 10 mobile update.

The app will eventually replace the Skype "integration" that Microsoft has been working on for Windows 10.

MS Rep: "I see, so, with that phone in particular, unless it says that the phone is able to be upgraded to Windows 10, there's no way we can guarantee that it will be eligible for the upgrade, I understand how that can be frustrating!"

Cheat Sheet has listed the procedure of updating the phone to Windows 10. Only half of the devices passed the cut and were capable to receive the upgrade, disappointing the Windows community.

Microsoft has been trying their best to get more and more users on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, but their efforts have been going in vain as the public response for the Windows 10 Mobile OS has not been that good in general.

The move makes sense for Microsoft, which has an abysmal record in the consumer smartphone market, but has long dominated the enterprise in terms of its PC platform.

This build will probably be the last released before Microsoft's big Build developer conference, taking place in San Francisco next week. Still, it eventually plans to release the new app to more users before killing off the legacy app altogether.

But not before, Microsoft promises, the Skype UWP app becomes a high-quality and lightweight application with all features on-board. In fact numerous flagship Nokia smartphones have proven ineligible for the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, despite having been given previews in the past. They also will work with Outlook 2016 and the Outlook Web App, which support Office 365 Groups.

Android and Apple are two leading mobile OS in the world, putting everybody else at the background. "You can think about that as ultimately replacing the Win32 app and of course the Silverlight app on Windows Phone", said Barbie Stafford, Director of Product Marketing.