Watch leaked footage from 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 finale

Granted, it is an incredibly brief look. "Hi, I'm Negan", he utters, before the trailer cuts to a picture of a baseball bat covered in barbed wire-which, any diehard fan will recognize as Lucille, his ominous and barbaric weapon of choice. The character is known for his foul mouth and his penchant for committing disgusting acts of violence against anyone who would dare oppose him.

The clip appears to confirm rumors that the final scene of the finale, which airs April 3, will be shot from the perspective of the character whom Negan kills.

"Hi, I'm Negan", he says menacingly.

The Walking Dead cast and crew have done a great job of keeping the season 6, episode 16 finale as much of a secret as possible. Negan is psychotic. Negan is ruthless.

But "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman doesn't subscribe to that way of thinking. This is a very nuanced character that has a lot of different shades to him.

Kirkman explained that while Rick went up against other villains in the past and even with some struggle, he always had an advantage and always won.

The promo, which made its way to YouTube, features your favorite zombie apocalypse survivors equipped with guns (in their natural, sweaty and dirty state) facing off with some of Negan's saviors.

In the comics, Negan is a force of nature, unflinching in his cruelty, and the most formidable opponent Rick and his group have ever faced. Check out the teaser trailer for the season six finale below.