10 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Easter eggs revealed

  • 10 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Easter eggs revealed

10 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Easter eggs revealed

In "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", which is now in theaters, Affleck becomes the latest A-list star to don Batman's black mask and cowl, this time to take on Superman in the sequel to 2013's "Man of Steel".

It's such a freaky moment, where Flash is seen in a very visually interesting way, and it's even harder to understand what he's saying, but Batman actually thinks what he says is that he's right about Superman being evil. There's even a "terrorist" bomb attack later on in the movie in case you've still missed the allegory.

What I enjoyed right off the bat with this film (no pun intended) was that the DC film universe has done in two movies what Marvel is only just getting around to addressing after years of manufacturing hit after hit: effect.

They are both superheroes, but Batman and Superman aren't super friends right now in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice". "When we get into those final development stages of Superman, then you'll start to see my stamp on the character".

Ironically, Zack Snyder originally had a much different actor in mind to play Jimmy Olsen, but this particular actor ended up landing a much larger role instead: Lex Luthor.

Superman doesn't agree with Batman's crime-fighting methods. The problem, for me, is that for everything great in this film, there is something that is just so bad.


Impressive early returns are suggesting the movie could take 170 million dollars on its opening weekend. While Batman is dealing with the loss of Robin in the film, it doesn't look like Superman's, or rather Clark Kent's, trusty photographer pal, Jimmy Olsen, would make it into Zack Snyder's vision of Metropolis. Sure, that approach works with Batman and made the studio a ton of money with Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy. Superman's battle with General Zod - a fellow Kryptonian who's equal in strength - toppled buildings, with many lives being lost. If he doesn't, Superman says he'll be there to stop him... for good.

Chin up Ben, you'll always have Good Will Hunting.

Wait, where was I?

No doubt there will be some of you who will debate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below. Not only did the Pisces Solar Eclipse of a couple of weeks ago fall within about a degree of the exact opposition to his Uranus-Pluto conjunction, it also landed within a fraction of a degree of his natal Saturn. Going into any more of the plot will, in effect, spoil the last 30 minutes of the movie's runtime.

Understandably, this is quite a slap in the face for everyone involved in the Batman v Superman, since its showing was highly anticipated. If the advance reviews of this film are any indication, it is unlikely to be the unqualified success that Warner Brothers Still, Warner Brothers decide to hand him the keys to the DC Comics film empire.

Estimates have Batman v Superman bringing in as much as $180 million this weekend and more than $300 million globally when it expands to more than 60 major territories including China, the world's second biggest market for film.