Microsoft is about to change Skype radically

  • Microsoft is about to change Skype radically

Microsoft is about to change Skype radically

Microsoft is planning to release the app to Windows Insiders in the "coming weeks", with a broader roll out expected later this year. The new Starbucks app will most likely be universal, so it'll run on both PCs and smartphones powered by Windows 10. You'll need to be a Windows 10 Insider (tester) to gain early access to the new Skype app.

The new UWP Skype will be released shortly in preview, as part of the Windows 10 Insider programme, first on PCs and later on Windows 10 Mobile.

"You can think about that as ultimately replacing the Win32 app on larger screens and the Silverlight app on Windows Phone".

I asked Microsoft officials whether the coming UWP Skype app would be available through the Store or be bundled with Windows 10. You'll also be able to share your screen, as well as files and video messages.

The user interface for the UWP app will feature an adaptive user interface so that it is suitable for a variety of screen sizes. It has simplified the look and feel by removing duplicative and unnecessary menus. The app is asynchronous in nature so messages can be viewed live or later, and all conversations are stored on Glide's secure private cloud to not eat up precious space on your phone.

Turns out, though, that while users on mobile love having lots of different single-task apps, desktop users didn't really care for this approach (even though they say they do when asked in surveys). "I can't comment on that", said Stafford, though logically this is what should happen.

Of course, that's true today too: Microsoft presently provides three task-based Skype apps-Phone, Messaging, and Skype Video-in Windows 10 for PCs/tablets and phone, but also supplies a standalone all-in Skype app as a download from the web (for PCs/tablets) or from the store (for phones). This provides Skype users with more choice, but it will also potentially cause some confusion since there will be multiple Skype solutions available in Windows.

What's unclear is how this will play out when the Skype UWP app is "complete".

It was only past year that Starbucks was adamant that they were not brining their app to Windows Phones, as they said they would only concentrate on mobile platforms that offered the greatest opportunity - well we wonder what has changed their mind?