Microsoft's Latest Preview Brings Extension Support for Edge Browser

  • Microsoft's Latest Preview Brings Extension Support for Edge Browser

Microsoft's Latest Preview Brings Extension Support for Edge Browser

Microsoft apparently took this decision based on the feedback from the device owners using the company's Insider Builds. Though Google's Chrome browser and Mozilla's Firefox browser are still very much leading the pack in terms of market share, Microsoft's Edge browser is steadily gaining popularity.

Microsoft has said it is continuing its work with partners to release the first extensions on Windows Store later this year.

"And of course, if you choose to upgrade, then you will have 31 days to roll back to your previous Windows version if you don't love it". Initially, only three extensions were available for the browser and now, Insiders can install extensions such as Mouse Gestures, Reddit Enhancement Suite and Microsoft Translator in their browser.

Users can download the updated Twitter for Windows app with Windows 10 Mobile support from the Windows Store. On the other hand, if you have a Lumia with 512MB of RAM, it's time to give up - the official update to Windows 10 Mobile will never reach your device. Phones like the Lumia Icon, Lumia 920 and the Lumia 1020 are all being left behind which is upsetting a number of Windows phone fans, myself included, as I have two Lumia Icons that will not be receiving the OS. But, the new build won't be supported by these devices. It's also widely expected that the upcoming Kaby Lake chip range will be Windows 10-only from the outset. Microsoft will also release some popular browser extensions for competing browsers, later this year.

Windows 10, Microsoft's newest and latest operating system, launched last July 29, 2015, and in fact, every Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 devices were given the privilege to upgrade to the new Windows 10 for free until July 29, 2016. Copying a link on the clipboard is now easy, and one can right-click on the Microsoft Edge browser's address bar and select "Paste and go" in the context menu.

The new Windows preview debuted yesterday accompanied by the exciting rollout of Windows 10 Mobile, even though it is presently available only to a limited group of Windows 8.1 phones.

Nonetheless, Microsoft still asserts that Windows 10 is the best option for new systems.

However, to the dismay of many Windows Phone users, the company has now confirmed that no second wave is coming.


As you can no doubt imagine, Microsoft has heard an earful from customers about this new policy.