Find out how to upgrade on Windows Phone 8.1 devices

  • Find out how to upgrade on Windows Phone 8.1 devices

Find out how to upgrade on Windows Phone 8.1 devices

To upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, owners are required to install the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor from the Windows Store and launch it to check for the Windows 10 Mobile update availability. Finally, you can fire up the app and it will check if your device is compatible with the update and you will be able to download the Windows 10 upgrade which is around 1.4 GB of download. In addition, maps developed specifically for Windows Phone will also not be updated - which makes one wonder how long maps in the app will continue to be accurate on Windows Phone 8. The app will also recommend ways users can free up space on their devices for the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, which is about 1.4GB in size, although Microsoft warns that it can be larger in some instances.

A handful of devices have already shipped with Windows 10 Mobile (the Lumia 950, 950 XL, 650, 550, Xiaomi Mi4, and Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL).

Microsoft executives said some phones were excluded from the upgrade because of the risk of it resulting in a poor user experience.

Unfortunately, not all Windows Phone 8.1 devices will be upgradable.

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Find out how to upgrade on Windows Phone 8.1 devices

Microsoft did not address whether a Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will eventually become mandatory for Windows Phone 8.1 phones. The official announcement was made a few moments later. 

Users are required to put a tick on the checkbox that says "Enable Windows 10 upgrade" and then hit "Next".

The new Windows 10 mobile app has been released in beta, which means there are plenty of bugs and everything may not work as intended. In case an app tile is missing from Start, check the App list for the app and you can pin to Start, or even go to the Windows App Store to see if a new version of the app is available.

Windows 10 mobile includes a feature called Continuum, which allows users to connect their handsets to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and use it as a desktop computer.