Michigan panel offers plan of returning safe water to Flint

EPA Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman offered her resignation effective February 1, and the offer water-crisis/2016/01/21/obama-says-80m-could-help-flint-hedman-out-epa/79135158/" target="_blank">was accepted, the EPA said in a statement Thursday.

Snyder also said that Detroit, after being informed of the Flint council vote, sent a "letter of termination" of water service. Governor Rick Snyder announced a return to Detroit's water system. The logical conclusion is that millions of people's drinking water is potentially unsafe,"he said". But in response to Clinton's remarks, he said the former secretary of state should not make Flint a political issue.

Water quality testing has shown the city's system has been compromised by high levels of lead since April 2014, when the city first started getting water from the Flint River. But they illuminate how top officials responded to a concern that has, in recent weeks, broken out into a national controversy.

Rosner is a professor of history and public health at Columbia University and has written extensively on the history of lead in the USA including the book, Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America's Children.

Complaints about the water being discolored or having a poor odor came soon after the change.

Thankfully, while the city's residents fight for the right to clean water, several figures around the sports world have stepped up to support the people of Flint through their battle.

Mr. Muchmore wrote to Mr. Snyder in September that "residents are caught in a swirl of misinformation and long term distrust of local government unlikely to be resolved".

In 2013, Flint's emergency manager switched the community from Detroit water to the cheaper Flint River while the city built a pipeline to Lake Huron.

An Environmental Protection Agency administrator resigned from her post amid the severe water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Obama spoke with McCarthy on the phone and met with Flint's mayor this week.

The city was placed under emergency management in 2011 due to its fiscal problems caused in part by large pension obligations.

Obama spoke to members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. That should have included spending enough money to ensure that the people of the beleaguered city weren't poisoned by the water they need to live.

What would it take to fix the problem?

The Flint crisis has sparked widespread outrage and prompted lawsuits as well as federal scrutiny. State and city officials must also document all homes in the city with lead service lines.

While that level is set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, many researchers say no level of lead exposure is safe. In an email to The Post, EPA spokeswoman Melissa Harrison said that the agency did not release the memo in question because it "contained confidential personal and enforcement-sensitive information", but that it was "immediately circulated" to the regional team "that was working to require Flint to implement corrosion control" last summer.

Michigan Senator Gary Peters says "I am grateful that the President has been personally engaged in helping Flint recover from this catastrophe and supportive of our request for federal assistance", said Peters.

Aside from the lead poisoning, how could Gov. Snyder possibly not know the water wasn't fit for a pig?

But the agency continued to point fingers at state and local handling of the crisis, which it said had been "inadequate to protect public health".

Asked if the public health crisis was a case of so-called environmental racism, Snyder said "absolutely not", adding that officials have distributed bottled water and filters.