Michigan's Snyder says more funds in pipeline

"I wanted to help Flint, my heart was, I was heartbroken to see that there's a whole entire city that doesn't have any running water", organizer Chanel Wood said.

Rick Snyder on Wednesday released 274 of his own emails regarding Flint's drinking water amid mounting criticism over how his administration handled the public health crisis and calls for his resignation.

President Obama addressed the crisis in an interview with "CBS Sunday Morning", saying, "Once people figured out that there was a problem there and there was lead in the water, the notion that immediately families weren't notified, things weren't shut down - that shouldn't happen anywhere".

"What is inexplicable and inexcusable is once people figured out there was a problem and that there was lead in the water".

Former DEQ director Dan Wyant says "I believe now we made a mistake" the staff was performing protocol for communities under 50,000 people.

According to a recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey, the amount of road salt used on the nation's roads doubled from 1990 to 2011, while salt levels in northern streams has risen faster than the rate of normal urbanization. The government warned Flint residents not to drink their water, and Snyder approved reconnecting Flint to Detroit's water system.

"Let us know what's going on", Tapper said.

Rick Snyder, the governor, released hundreds of pages of emails relating to his handling of the crisis in a bid to show transparency and leadership.

"I can't figure out why the state is responsible except that [then-treasurer Andy] Dillon did make the ultimate decision so we're not able to avoid the subject", Snyder's chief of staff Dennis Muchmore wrote to the governor in September, the Detroit Free Press reported Thursday.

Though the February memo does not specifically mention lead contamination, it does discuss the water quality problems in Flint extensively, including how the city's water had dangerously high levels of a contaminant called total trihalomethanes, which can lead to liver or kidney issues.

Flint's water source was switched from the Detroit water system to the unfiltered and corrosive Flint River water in 2014 in a bid to save money.

Snyder apologized for the crisis during his State of the State Address on Tuesday night.

In later emails, we noticed the Governor was given talking points on September 24, 2015 about elevated blood lead levels. The change was announced in a release that noted "lingering uncertainty about the quality of the water" from the Flint River, and assured the public that it would be tested. To say that the water is unsafe for drinking would be an understatement. The properly treated water now flowing through the pipes is rebuilding that coating, but some say it could take four to six months.

They visited the White House as part of the Winter Meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington this week.

He released them in an attempt to reveal what was done about the water crisis in Flint.