Pollution levels in Beijing reach orange alert

  • Pollution levels in Beijing reach orange alert

Pollution levels in Beijing reach orange alert

"Obama has the audacity to apologize to the world about American pollution when China has a permanent thick gray cloud over it GET REAL", country musician Charlie Daniles tweeted after the President's remarks.

In order to cope with the high level of pollutions, Beijing residents were asked to stay indoors, while the government went ahead and closed highways, while also suspending construction work, as an effort to allow the air to clear.

The smog is affecting 23 cities in northern China and stretches 204,634 square miles across the country - an area bigger, Quartz points out, than Spain or California.

The concentration of PM2.5 - microscopic airborne particles linked to cancer and heart disease - hit 634 micrograms per cubic metre, a reading given by the US Embassy here that is more than 25 times the maximum recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Temperatures could rise by as much as five degrees Celsius by the end of this century, the report added.

At 9pm on Monday, the Central Pollution Control Board monitors showed PM 2.5 levels in the "severe" category with Anand Vihar showing 480 mcg/cubic m, Mandir Marg 422, R K Puram 442 and Punjabi Bagh 456.

He vowed "action" on greenhouse emissions, repeating existing pledges and telling the summit that poor nations should not have to sacrifice economic growth.

Schools in the Chinese capital Beijing have now been ordered to keep kids inside amid very elevated rates of air pollution.

Visibility fell to several hundred yards, leaving buildings silhouetted in the haze. "Official media called on residents to join hands in fighting smog". The readings far exceeded the national standard of 75 micrograms per cubic meter.

The air quality worsened on Friday and continued to deteriorate throughout the weekend, prompting the city government to issue an orange alert on Sunday.

"The Paris conference is not the finishing line but a new starting point", Chinese President Xi Jingping said Monday.

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images A Chinese couple wear masks as they kiss during a day of high pollution in Tiananmen Square Tuesday. Experts say most emissions come from coal burning, which spikes in winter along with demand for heating.

The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has upgraded the smog condition from Yellow to Orange, triggering the automatic pollution-calming measures.